Vacations 2013

Picture Credit: Google Image Search
Picture Credit: Google Image Search

8th May, 2013

Mamma reached home around 6.15 p.m. after work and the kids, as usual, gheraoed her at the entrance door itself. 🙂

Anu and Lil Love were both waving a piece of paper each for Mamma to see. What was on it?

Dear Parent,

Due to the rising summer heat the school summer vacations have been pre-poned. School will remain closed between 11th May, 2013 and 30th June, 2013. There will be a PTM between 9.30 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. on Saturday, 11th May, 2013.



Ding Dong!!!

Mamma could hear bells ringing. Trouble, trouble, trouble…her heart was echoing.

Ha ha…what a bad Mommy I am! I know. 🙂

I generally don’t like to be too strict, but often I end up being one. 😦

So, for this vacation, I decided to be a super chilled out Mom! 🙂


So with just over a week more for the kiddoos to sleep like angels and wake up at only about 10, eat a favorite brunch, play, fight, watch the idiot box, go to park and crib with Mommy about Ammamma’s  customary speech everyday. Yeah…Amma, who is a teacher and a convent-educated product, says kids should get up early in the morning and go to sleep early at night…which naturally doesn’t happen at our place.

So, who’s the culprit?

Of course, Mr. Right!!!

Dadda comes from work so late and leaves so early in the morning that if the kids sleep early at night, they might end up asking me someday,

“Mamma, who’s that uncle who comes home late at night and leaves early in the morning?”

😀 😉

So to save myself from the false accusations and disgrace in the near future, I let them stay awake till Dadda comes home. And then they chat and play with him for a while before going to bed. I know you caught hold of real culprit now…He He He!!! 😀 😉 😀

What did we do during this yet another summer camp that Mommy attends every year…without much of a choice though!

That’s where we started.






And that’s few of those colorful ones that we ended up with.

  • A Landscape portrait made using Origami technique for Anu. Phew!!!

If only I had been an obedient student of Anu teacher and Kusum teacher. 😦

  • Paper Tearing and Pasting projects for Lil Love. A small four-line book full of cursive writing. Patterns to trace. Join the dots and color, workbook activities,  and scrapbook activities like pasting pictures of Juices, Ice-creams, Squashes etc. She’s a darling when it comes to homework…the coloring and writing part. 🙂 For the others, she just says, “Mamma you can finish it with Anu Di and I’ll entertain you.” And there she goes dancing to the tune of Badtameez Dil Badtameez Dil Maarega Maarega (her version)and Balam Pichkari jo tune mujhe maari… 😀
  • IPL team logos and the picture of their captains to be pasted in scrapbook. I wonder what was up on the teacher’s mind when she gave Lil Love this crazy homework. For her and me, I, P, and L, are just 3 random alphabets of English. Anyway, Mamma sat down and took the trouble of searching through the last 3 months raddi (scrap) and ended up getting 7 of them, when some of her friends tell her there is a total of 8 teams and some other say there are 10. Google Baba tells Moms that there are 11 teams, 3 of which are defunct. See, how much more knowledgeable Mamma has become. That’s why Mamma says it’s her Summer Workshop. 😀
  • Now, Mamma is left with doing a Ph.D. on Japan and its culture. That’s easy as she has Google Baba for help. The trouble is she has to make Anu write some part of it in Hindi. Aiyyo aiyyo…Lord only save the teacher!!! 😀

Last year, Mamma did her Ph.D. on UK and its culture, dances, currency, animals, birds, fruits, games etc. She even made a Guy Fawkes effigy, of which she had heard nothing ever in her life. She did it gladly as she was expecting the school authorities to take her for a week-long sponsored trip to the United Kingdom… Sigh!!! 😦


Apart from the customary home-work session, what else did we do?

We used to go out with Mamma to temple every evening, walking hand in hand, and doing chutter-putter without even pausing to see if someone on the road is staring at us thinking we are clowns or mad. But this I think has been the best part of the vacations. It was our time. Quality Time! With no interference, no loss of attention owing to sudden calls/work, no scoldings, no fear, no apprehension, just best friends, we are. I really feel good having a carefree chat with the little ones. Life feels so uncluttered and uncomplicated when I’m with them. 🙂

On our way back we used to have either an Ice-Candy at the near by Mother Dairy or we used to sip a glass of real coconut water.



This was the time Mamma and we used to chat about our experiences, crack jokes on each other, learn addition and subtraction, talk about the small joys of life, share our little secrets and learn a lot about our culture. You wouldn’t believe it when Mamma tells you that Anu can now talk good Malayalam too. An additional feather in her cap! 🙂

We also bought a Ludo and Snakes & Ladders set and used to play almost daily…with the none of us ever reaching the finishing point. 😀


We also learned to make Nimbu Paani (Fresh Lime), Tea, Cold Coffee with Vanila Ice-Cream, peel veggies, cut salads, shell peas, fold our little clothes, water plants without wasting much and so on.

Weekends, we used to spend at our Daadu and Daadi and play with our Chachu-Chachi’s daughter, Tanishka. Or we used to go to our very own TGIP (The Great India Place) Mall, Noida. That’s Dadda’s favorite destination during summer and he so willingly takes us there…

…all to save on the shocking electricity bill. 😦

Our Bua was also blessed with a baby boy on the 16th of May and we had a good time with him and our lil sis Advitaa too.

Though we did not have a summer vacation as we had a big vacation earlier this year, with our Maasi, overall we did enjoy quite a lot. I guess more so, because Lil Love now wails much lesser and hence Mamma gets less irritated and Anu Di has started lending Mamma a helping hand.

With much love to my ducklings,

🙂 😀 🙂


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