Letters from a Father to his Daughter


I sit here with a bunch of letters reading them one by one, word by word…

…and all I have for company are some tears.

Tears of love, admiration and pride.

I don’t think I’ll be able to pen down much.


That’s a part of the bunch of letters that I have in the safe of my wardrobe.

That’s the only dowry Mr. Right ever got… 🙂

And guess what???

He has never been able to go through any of them, for I would snap at him every time he touched the packet I so lovingly treasure. 🙂


A real treasure it was for a 5-year old, a 13-year old, a 15-year old, a 23-year old and it is for 32-year old. No wealth can ever be important than this.

It was something that I treasured then, I treasure now and I’ll treasure till my last breath.


We used to come back from school around 2 pm along with Mom, who was a teacher in the same school. I used to count the number of Mynas that I saw by the time I reached home, rather, the letterbox hanging on the garage door. In those days, we used to believe that if you see one Myna, it is for Sorrow, two is for Joy, three is for Love and Four is for Letter. 🙂


Purity and Innocence of Childhood

One Myna less, and I used to curse all of them. 🙂

The moment I saw four Mynas together, I would get excited and would run with all my might assured to get an Airmail from Saudi Arabia with a cute letter addressed to Guddu. 🙂


During the Gulf War, I would wait anxiously every evening for Unnimama who would bring in a Telex message from Acha. Scary days those were when Amma used to be awake all night long listening to BBC News on Radio. I can still hear the sound of the grenades and bombings early in the morning on the radio channel.


Words that have been my inspiration, my motivation, and have triggered me to go on during the most difficult days of my life.

I have always spoken to Acha non-stop through letters or in my diary or in my mind, all my life.

Physical boundaries, high rates of STD and trunk calls, costly Airmails, could never part us.

Even now, at times I speak to him without words and you bet he understands it all.

That’s my Acha for me…a hero, a real role model…I owe almost everything to him.

This is a reminder of what all our parents have done for us.


I wanted “My dear Daddy” then, now and forever. 🙂

Papa, Daddy, Achan…the words that I cherish the most from the hundred thousands that I have learned till date. 🙂

Love you lots, Acha! Thanks for being there always!

There are not enough words to describe how important my father is to me and how powerful his influence continues to be.

Wishing you a Very Happy Father’s Day! 🙂



20 Replies to “Letters from a Father to his Daughter”

  1. Absolutely touching and full of affection! I could imagine the days of your being away from Dad and the counting of the mynas was a similar routine at our place too.only difference,i wished for 2mynas,so tht there is some joy ahead round the corner!A perfect post

    1. Yeah, Soumya! Those 10 long years were really tough for all of us.
      I’m glad we are together now. My parents live very close to my place. A boon it is. 🙂

  2. I am all tears now. Once I had a fight with my Dad and I am one of those lucky kids who had all the luxuries, cell phone was one of it. After the fight, I texted my Dad sorry and he has that message with him till date. He changes his handset so often and i wonder how does he manage to keep all my texts.

    Seriously, this post made me very emotional. 😥

    Happy Father’s Day! I bet you miss him while reading and in winters…too emotional…

    1. Yes, Saru! Dads are the most precious gift God has given daughters. Probably because He knew the kinds of adversities most of us have to face and He wanted us to have someone back home who could be our best support system ever. I loved my Dad much much more than the poor Mom who was there with me all the time. And now I’m not surprised to see my ducklings showering all their love upon their Dad, whom they get to see for a few hours. The bond between a father and daughter is something way stronger than anything else.

      Blessed I am to have Acha by my side.

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  4. My god… it’s such a treasure Rekha..to have these beautiful, amazing letters of your father… I remember how my mother has kept letters from her dad written to her after her wedding. My parents were in Garwal, U.P. (now in Uttarakhand) post their wedding n my Nana Ji used to write letters to my mom…

    It’s really a divine feeling.. 🙂

    1. It indeed is a treasure. 🙂 I can understand how precious those letters would have been to your Mom after the sudden change of place and people in her life. 🙂 It indeed is a divine feeling.

  5. In my case my duaghter loves to write letters to me… we live together but every now & then, any special day, any special occasion or just when she wants to tell me that she is missing or she loves me …she writes me a note. i have been recieving these notes since she was 5 or 6..she is 13 now and she still writes to me. i hope i can preserve this valuable diamonds of her cute, sweet words forever. Thanks for the above, it is touching, makes your heart turn grave and resolute. keep up !!! Raajan

    1. Thank you for stopping by. You are a wonderful father and your daughter is blessed to have you. Indeed precious those words are. Truly heartfelt. Do preserve them for future.

  6. Rekha … I don’t know if u remember me … I was your junior in college. I stumbled upon your blog by chance through Deepti’s profile. This particular post touched a chord within me …. Because my father was also working overseas and I remember writing and receiving extensive letters …. I clearly remember once Dad’s colleague visiting us, and he mentioning to me that Dad would proudly display his daughter’s artistic ( I would make the letters colourful or decorate it with sequins etc etc.) letters on the pin board behind his desk and would often be asked about the writer ….. And he would announce with pride that it’s my daughter’s letter, pointing to the family photo next to it…. The immense joy that I felt then cannot be matched by anything else.
    Fathers and daughters share a special bond, which only they can understand. Still the moment I am in presence of my father I go back to being his princess …… thank you for rekindling those memories…..

  7. Your post brought back so many memories. I used to receive letters from Dad too when he was stationed in a different location. Those blue inland letters brought such joy to my little heart. I used to read the words again and again till I remembered it by heart. And then wait for the next letter. These letters are so precious. Loved this beautiful dedication to your Dad … It left me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

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