Let Me Go (Poem)

Don’t chain me by your thoughts
Don’t lock me by your words
I have been silent for years
Bearing the burden of the mistakes
I haven’t done
Let me go

Let me fly up into the endless sky
Let me swim across the vast ocean
I have been quiet for ages
Enduring the pain of the wounds
I didn’t deserve
Let me go

I loved you with all I have
I gave you all of me
Every bit of me loved you
Every skip of my heart
I lived for you
Let me go


I let it be unseen for your happiness
I cocooned myself in my own shell
For you to enjoy your false pride
Every breath I took for you
A silly bet I was for you
Let me go

I did all I could to save us
To save the love of us
Only to realize my mistake
There never was one who shared
There never was one who cared
I was the solitary soldier guarding an unfenced unmanned land 

Set me free
Open the cage
Remove the chains
Untie my hands
Unlock my limbs
Let me go

Far across the distance
I’ll wait for you
The you who loves me
The way I loved you
I’ll crave for you wherever I am
But trust me you’ll never be chained
My love is mine alone

Let me go
Let me go


Copyright © 2013 by Rekha


14 Replies to “Let Me Go (Poem)”

  1. I read these lines many times. Every time i found novel emotions inside me. Indeed a masterpiece my dear RekS. True love has no chains and is truly dignified….Let such love prevail…..

    1. I am glad teacher that you liked it…and I know it’s an honest response to this as a piece of literature. 🙂

      I actually received many negative responses too from close friends and family members.

      I don’t understand why people cannot stop associating things with someone’s life. Just for the sake of gossip mongers, I repeat, this is just a piece I happened to write after going thru the tragic end of Jiah Khan and watching the movie Aashiqui 2 which again was about suicide. Please please trust me and believe me, when I say, I’m happy and gonna live a hundred thousand years and I’ll clutter you all with my wierd thoughts and musings.

  2. Hi Rekha…Keep writing and don’t stop it for some people who are unable to open their minds and heart for such a beautiful poem..All the best.

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