Motherhood: Moments to Cherish

Saturday, 11.30 pm

Papa: “Baby, sleep fast and you can wake up early and then you can play more.”

Lil Love: “I can play now with more people. In the morning, Mamma and you leave early and so I don’t get to play with you naa…”

Papa: “It’s vacations now, so sleep more, play more, learn more and make your memory sharp. Once schools reopen you won’t get so much time to sleep.”

Lil Love: “Once schools reopen, I won’t join back.”

Papa:  “Why bachha (baby)? Is someone bullying you in school? Or is some teacher scolding you?”

Lil Love: “No. There’s nothing ‘exciting’ (the exact word that she used) happening in this school.”

Papa and Mummy look at each other and are dumbstruck.

Sunday, around 12.00 am

Papa quietly switches off the lights and lies down.

Lil Love: Aapko ‘galat-fahmi’ hai.  (Translation: You’ve a misunderstanding.)

Papa:Galat-fahmi? Kya galat-fahmi hai bachha?” (Translation: Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?)

Lil Love: “Aapko galat-fahmi hai ki light band karne se bacche so jaate hain.” (Translation: You’re mistaken that upon switching off lights, kids go off to sleep.)

And then she jumps out of the bed, puts on the light and its play time for us again.

Simple moments that make up my life. Of course, I enjoyed it because I had an off the very next day. Otherwise the conversation would have been between me and Lil Love like this.

Me: “Baby, go off to sleep else Mamma’s not gonna talk to you.”

Lil Love: “Once you’re asleep, you anyway don’t talk to me.” 😀

Me: Hiding my smile, “I meant I won’t talk to you tomorrow morning.”

Lil Love: “I know Mamma, you always forget it by morning.” 😀

Me: Trying hard to stop laughing out, “Go to sleep or I am gonna give you two punches.”

Lil Love: “I don’t mind. But, don’t ask Papa to apply Moov Spray on your hands later.” 😀

Me: After laughing out till my stomach starts aching, “Daadi Amma, maaf karo, ab so bhi jao.” (Translation: Grandmother, forgive me, and please sleep now.)

Lil Love: “Itne pyaar se pehle bola hota, toh kab ka so jaati. Faaltu mein mera sona late kar diya” (Translation: Had you said so lovingly earlier itself, I would have slept off long back. Unnecessary delayed my sleep time.)



Pearls of Wisdom by Lil Love would have been an ideal title for this post. 😀

Crazy conversations between Papa and Lil Love that left Mamma laughing out loud in the middle of the night. 😀

This 4 and a half years old is the only human on Earth who can beat me every time. 😀

And you know what, I just love getting defeated by her. 😀

Touch wood! 🙂

Good Night & Sleep Tight!


11 Replies to “Motherhood: Moments to Cherish”

  1. Hahahaha…..yep, the galatfehmi bit made me laugh so loud, my one year old woke up. Not to mention i put in a lot of hard work putting him to sleep. Loved the post…really loved it.

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