Shrinking World

A thought that came up to my mind while returning home and watching a bike accident.

The biker was a school going guy and had another as a pillion rider. He was attending a call on his mobile, when suddenly this car comes and hits. Luckily, those boys were saved with just a few wounds and bruises and no major injury. The driver of the car slapped the boy a few times and abused his parents for having given him the mobile facility at such a young and irresponsible age.

My question:

What actually are these new tech gadgets that seemingly are making our lives easier doing to us?

  • We have lost the will and ability to remember numerous phone numbers that we used to do some years back
  • Most of us, have stopped maintaining a phone book that was an essential part of every household
  • We have stopped listening to radio
  • We have forgotten walkman, MP3 player etc.
  • We have stopped watching TV, having food, discussing problems together as a family
  • Our reading time has gone down drastically
  • We are all becoming more and more artificial as direct communication has reduced to almost nil
Picture credit: Yahoo News
Picture credit: Yahoo News

Working parents, mostly in the metro cities, have provided their school-going children with mobile phones so they can be in touch with them anytime. The intention is actually virtuous, but the effect is drastic in most of the cases. Kids are stuck to these smart gadgets (I call them brainless beauties) and are so addicted to it that it makes me wonder if they’ll ever enjoy their childhood like we did.


What did we do?

  • Occasional cuddling and pampering with parents
  • Watching the only 2 TV channels available in those days, DD National and DD Metro along with parents
  • Outdoor games: lot of running, jumping, cricket, pittoo, hide and seek, cycling, screaming etc.
  • Indoor games which used to enhance our mental abilities
  • Reading books issued from the school or local library
  • Study together during exams and otherwise as a team
  • Writing daily or weekly accounts in a personal diary (I still do, but not regularly)


All this under the able guidance and strict watch of our parents, especially mothers. In short, we used to mingle with each other and learn people skills, respecting elders, being considerate towards each other’s needs or requirements and last but not the least, sharing and caring.


But, now the scenario has completely changed and I am afraid it’s not for good. Every house has abundance of resources. Be it TV, AC, transport conveyance facilities and of course the devil in question, “Mobile Phone“.

Enter any of the houses in your locality and I bet, this is what the scene is going to be. A family of four in a single room apartment will all be sitting facing different directions and will be busy on various gadgets. If they are lucky to have multiple rooms, each one will be in a different room busy with their gadget, oblivious of the fact that there are other human beings in the same house.

This makes me wonder if our children have come into the right atmosphere? Are they going in the right direction? Isn’t childhood and the innocence associated with it vanishing slowly?

Why blame only kids? Rather why talk about others. We ourselves are a couple who are very peace-loving and hence when we have differences of opinion, we prefer cold war rather than blurting out words that seem like fireballs. But that’ll not help us solve the differences. So, what do we end up doing? We sort out our issues sending SMSs to each other. I know what’s there on your mind right now….lucky service-providers….right??? 😀

  • Ever imagined how dependent we are now on these brainless dabbas?

  • Ever assumed a time when the network of the entire world fails? 

  • What are we going to do then?

  • Won’t we be completely handicapped?

  • Rather won’t the next generation be suffering if such a situation arises? 


Aaahhhh….from where I have reached where…it’s one of those socho socho syndrome day. 😐

Not a big deal…TGIF! We’ve a full weekend to ponder upon this and many more. 🙂

Aap bhi socho…socho socho… (You also think over and over again!) 🙂


2 Replies to “Shrinking World”

  1. Great post, Chechi! What ya said above are just facts I know. I personally did take a decision recently and have been experiencing a number of interesting benefits after doing so. What I did was change my mobile phone to very basic model of Nokia itself. It’s a special note to mention here that I haven’t recharged my number for more than 9 days even though the last recharge amount was just for 20 bucks. 😀


    1. Rahul, you have got enlightenment. You’re on the right track. It does save a lot of time and helps you stop yourself from becoming a robot…rather slavery to technology.

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