Day 21: I care about this…

As of now, I care about this broken glass pane of my car. I love children…

…but not those rogues who did this to my car. Boohoo… 😥


Part of May photo a day challenge


10 Replies to “Day 21: I care about this…”

    1. That’s the price of some brats playing cricket on the road instead of the two parks and an open ground adjacent to the lane. I am hurt. 😦

  1. Their parents have to reimburse you the cost – or insurance perhaps.

    In any event, you need to replace it before it shatters under wind pressure – it is safety glass but when it spider webs, visibity drops to dangerous levels.

    1. The guard informed that some kids broke it. Since we aren’t sure which kids, can’t expect any reimbursement. Sent the car to the workshop and have claimed insurance. That’s the best we could do. 😐

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