Day 14: Need

I need my ‘childhood’ back, wherein I wish to relive those cute lil moments that I missed or rather didn’t really take note of.


I wish to go bicycling for hours with my friends and catch some fish from the nearby lake.


I also wish to learn swimming, play hide and seek in the pond and be a water animal all along my summer vacations.


I wish to play in the courtyard and make sand castles for myself and my prince charming.


With the summer vacations on, the kids have gone off to their grandparents. They very well deserve a break from the monotonous routine. A workaholic, Mr. Right is away on tour. And sitting all alone at this point in time, I badly need ‘a cute lil kiss’ to re-energize and motivate me.


I also need a lot of ‘time‘ to read and to play with my lil ones. Oh, I am badly missing them already. 😦 😦 😦


And most of all, I need some  ‘peace‘… 🙂


These are pics I clicked at Kumarakom, Kerala. 🙂

Part of May photo a day challenge


6 Replies to “Day 14: Need”

  1. Oh I need my childhood back too!

    Aww so did you get a kiss from them? Are they back? I can understand how badly you must be missing them!

    1. No Di! They’ll be back only on Friday eve. 😦
      But, I’m definitely going to go and meet them this eve, though they have strictly asked me not to. 😉

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