Day 12: Mother

She loves me even though I landed up in her life making her endure labour pain on her birthday. She loves me irrespective of my attitude towards her. And she loved me even when the whole world was against me. Her lap happens to be the safest and the most comfortable place for me in the whole world. Cuddled in her lap I still lie, when I am  almost at the verge of giving up. Her touch invokes in me a power which nothing else does. She makes me feel stronger and complete. 

She brought us (me and my lil sis) up single-handedly for 10 long years while my Dad was on deputation. And never for once did she mention, she was tired of us.

I am what I am because of you, Amma. Love you for all the values you instilled in us, without which I wouldn’t have been able to succeed at anything at all. I have the best Mom in the world. Love you, Amma! 🙂


Part of May photo a day challenge


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