Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai… :-)

Zindagi Wakai Abhi Baaki Hai… 🙂

A post by my classmate, Saritha…worth reading!


“There’s a story behind everything… But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story… Because hers is where yours begin!!” – Mitch Albom

You all must have watched this program aired lately about our own favourite cricketer Yuvraj Singh. But nopes, this is not about him. During his conversations, when he mentioned his mom as his absolute support, while he was fighting his battle to survival, I couldn’t help myself remembering a few people who happen to be in my life – some inspiring me and some still being my greatest support.

Being brought up outside your birthplace and a short yearly visits, keeps you away from knowing a lot of people far around you. I have been one of them. It was during my 12th boards that we had a visitor from Kerala, who was my dad’s cousin sister’s son. Though we had never met before, he became…

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