Nature – A Palette of Colors

Nature - A Palette of Colors
Nature – A Palette of Colors
Blue of the sky
Red of the soil
Green of the forests
Hues of the peaks
From Pink to Gold
Assaults your senses


Under the gaze of the moonlit twilight
The rhythm of life is relaxed
Harsh Beautiful ravines
Hewn by an impatient river
Cloud cuddled mountains
Stand firm against nature’s rage


The rising sun’s elaborate routine
Starts much before dawn breaks
There’s a ripple in the wind
Scented with the fragrance of fruit and pine
The embrace of lush green leaves
Awakens all my dormant senses


Sitting by the river
Listening to her secrets
The story of her journey
From the mountain range
The tinkle of the temple bells
Weaves into the songs of birds


The flower-spangled hills
A cobalt-blue sky
The flaming sunrise
Turns the river to a brilliant red
Nature seems to hold her breath
Amazed by her own brilliance


Joy, faith and hope
Evanescent as a butterfly’s wings
This beautiful hamlet
Snuggles in the folds of the hills
Unable to hold
Her secrets anymore


As darkness reclaims the sky
The silhouette of the white peaks
Stabs a star-speckled sky
Life seems so insignificant
Yet so very amazing
As I escape into the deep woods
Copyright © 2013 by Rekha

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