Learnings of a Mom

Check One Two Three…Hello Hello…Dew Drops correspondent reporting live from Pearl City… 🙂

Yupp! I’m on an official trip here for a few days.

Yesterday, upon knowing about the trip, my Lil Love handed over to me a small gift wrapped up carefully in a scarf. She told me to open it only when I feel scared or sad. And right now sitting all alone in this hotel room, I miss my sweethearts and am feeling sad.

I opened the scarf to find something that shows her innocent and unconditional love for me. It shows the care and affection that she has for me. Feel like hugging her right away….Muuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!   🙂 🙂 🙂

The Gift???

It’s nothing but a small Ganesha statue that was there in our puja room. My little girl has grown so big to know how to make her Mom feel happy and blessed. You made my day, Baby! 🙂


The other day, while chatting with my school time friend “S“, I heard her worrying about her 3+ child not speaking fluently in English. A little later she was worried that the child will not speak her mother tongue (Malayalam in this case) as she was married outside of her region. A little while later she was worried about who her daughter will get married to…a Malayali, a Punjabi, a Gujarati, a Konkani…OMG! 😐

Chill yaar!!!

Take a deep breath and then exhale all these negative thoughts. Give the kid some time and some space to breathe in. Let her grow at her own pace. Have faith in yourself and your values and virtues and just keep doing you best.


Every single child is unique and differs from every other child. In the same manner, every parent is different from every other parent. I believe a lot depends on the situation one is in. So there’s no good or correct method of parenting and there’s no single one liner definition for parenting as I understand. Here are few tips that I’ve learnt through my journey so far that might help you in parenting…I leave it to the child to decide whether it is good or bad parenting.

  • The first and the most essential requirement: Become a child yourself and grow up step by step along with your child. Come down to their level and you’ll understand their problems in a much better way. At their height, they’ll also understand you better. 🙂
  • Appreciate every little sweet gesture of theirs. This way you boost their self-esteem and encourage them to do good.
  • Say “Sorry” as and when necessary…which means every time you make even the slightest of mistake. This is the only way you can teach them to accept their mistakes and not hide them.
  • Say “Thank You” for every small happiness they bring to you, for every little pebble they offer you, for every little kiss they give you. That’s the only way to teach them to be grateful for all the good things and to all the good people. 🙂
Photo Credit: http://cdn.idlehearts.com/
Photo Credit: http://www.idlehearts.com
  • When they commit a mistake, it’s good to keep quiet for a while. Yes, you heard it right! That way we wouldn’t dump our anger and discomfort onto them. Instead explain things to them when you yourselves are cool. Accept them as small little beings who can commit little mistakes the same way you still do. Don’t you? 😉
  • Do not keep any expectations. Our expectations weigh their wings down. Let them spread their wings slowly and learn to fly on their own. I bet you’ll be proud of those first little steps that they take by themselves, much more than the big ones that they take with your help and guidance. Just be ready to extend a helping hand just as He extends when we stumble. 🙂
  • The most important point: Don’t try to learn it all from a book or a magazine or a post from a stupid blogger like me. 😉 Let it come naturally to you. 🙂

At this point, I must admit that many a times, I myself do not stick to these points. After all, rules are made to be broken. Right??? 😉 😀

By the way, if you are a parent of a child above 7 years of age, please do share your experiences on parenting as I need to refer to them for my future use.  I know it’s a long way ahead. But then I’m a child and on a learning stroll myself along with my little ones. 😀

Little steps, stumbling, tumbling and fumbling, we’ll together grow into tall, big and good human beings. 🙂

That’s all the gyaan I have for today…

Good Night & Sweet Dreams! 🙂


5 Replies to “Learnings of a Mom”

  1. All the gyaan that we need is important. It doesn’t matter when we need it, right? I’m taking it, chechi, what if by accident I turn into a parent someday? 😀

    1. Ha Ha Ha…Manu, why by accident? Njhangalle okke villichu oru nalla sadya thanittu, let it be a planned parenthood. 😀

      As for the gyaan, I have just given away my thoughts and experiences as a parent over here coz of the following saying…
      “Baantne se gyaan badta hai.” (Translation: Sharing increases knowledge) 🙂

      But from whatever I write, don’t expect me to be that picture perfect wife or mother. You ought to get the facts rights by meeting my hubby and daughters who’ll at the least compare me to a monster. 😀

      1. True. I shall call of you for sure when the big day comes but then parenthood is something I am not ready for yet 😀 A lot of responsibility scares me 😀
        Do children actually need perfect mothers? Because the concept of a perfect mother is somewhat ambigous. 🙂

        1. Good question, Manu! Do children actually need perfect mothers?
          The word “Perfect” as far as I understand is an undefined termed in many ways. Nothing or nobody is ever ‘Perfectly Perfect’. A mother is always perfect for her offspring. But, the same mother will not be perfect for a different child. So I believe it’s a relative term. 🙂

          Ahhh…the science graduate in me and the die-hard fan of Einstein, always finds a way to bring in the Special Theory of Relativity into anything and everything. 😀

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