Awakening Youth: Destructive Energy for Constructive Use

Over the weekend, I had the good fortune of interacting with a whole bunch of my school time buddies. A banker, a lawyer, a freelance movie maker, an advertising professional, few marketers, few techies, a librarian, few home-makers and a Fauji (soldier). Big thanks to technology which enabled us to interact even when we were spread across the globe.

We were pondering over the recent increase in crime in our cities, especially the metros: basically child labour, rape, molestation, and discrimination against women and children.

Why do you think all this is happening?

Why do you think its increasing day by day?

During our childhood, we used to have parents, grandparents, trust-worthy neighbors, and most of all, the best teachers, who used to imbibe in us values and virtues that were part of our culture. They used to punish us when required and encourage us when we did something positive.

But with increasing competition, with everyone being part of the rat race to be on top, with joint families diminishing and nuclear families increasing, with both parents working and the kids left to the mercy of either the care taker or the day care centre,  with the unfortunate few who are qualified and yet unemployed and the few that never bothered to get qualified, things have changed dramatically. Nobody is giving enough time and quality advises to our youngsters. They are either being forced to get into the rat race or left on their own.

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. 

Back to our discussion…

What we realized was if the energy of these youngsters are channelized towards the right direction or if their anger is utilized in a proper manner, things wouldn’t get into such a messy situation.

Why can’t we get them jobs, may be small scale?

Why can’t we have compulsory admission into armed forces for may be 3 or 5 years, for every youngster, irrespective of being a boy or a girl? 

With the recent intrusion of Chinese troops into our borders, came to light the war of 1962.

Why is it that we don’t have enough military personnel compared to our enemy countries?

Why can’t we have compulsory admission to armed forces like China or North Korea? 


China (PRC)

Every Chinese citizen, both male and female, who attend further education are required to attend a military training period of around 20 days as a part of a military education.

Conscription is enshrined in Article 55 of the Constitution, which states: “It is a sacred duty of every citizen of the People’s Republic of China to defend his or her motherland and resist invasion. It is an honored Obligation of the citizens of the People’s Republic of China to perform military service and to join the militia forces.[18]

As of 1998, the legal basis of conscription was stated to be the 1984 Military Service Law which describes military service as a duty for “all citizens without distinction of race (…) and religious creed.” This law has not been amended since it came into effect.[18] Military service is normally performed in the regular armed forces but the 1984 law does allow for conscription into the reserve forces in times of national emergency.

North Korea

North Korea in 1993 had a mandatory military service, for all men, of 120 months as normal troops and 156 months as special forces.

Information Courtesy: Wikipedia


It should also be mandated for our IIT, IIM and other A-category Engineering and Management School graduates to serve in the nation for a certain period before moving on and serving other nations. Why do you think you get so many opportunities outside? Why can’t they accept candidates from their nation? Please understand that we are a huge pool of experts and if utilized here we can be a much more powerful nation. I believe that’s the least one can do for one’s country.

We have enough and more youngsters at hand being the second largest population in the world (List of countries by population).

Why not utilize their energy for the betterment of our society and our nation, rather than let their untamed minds get into unscrupulous and immoral acts?

A larger question for all of us to ponder upon.

Heartfelt thanks to our Fauji for prompting me to write on the subject. I wish each one of you must pass on the message and lend in your contribution in awakening the youth and the society at large.

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Be the catalyst for change!


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