Wake Up India: It’s Now or Never!

Delhi rape case: second man arrested from Lakhisarai in Bihar

Delhi rape accused sent to 14-day judicial custody

Delhi rape accused says another person was involved: sources

Delhi rape: Anger spreads, protests near PM’s residence, India Gate

BLOG: A father whose teen daughter was raped fights alone, ignored

– What are we waiting for? 

– Why are we bothered about whether he was married recently or ages ago?

– Who is bothered about whether he raped his wife before marriage or after? 

– Why are we reading about his past crimes?


– Why are we allowing him to cover his face?

– Did he not feel ashamed of committing such a dastardly act? 

Overpowering and tormenting an unsuspecting poor child is not manhood. Similarly, letting these buggers wander freely too is not manliness. I hope the relevant people who are bound to take the necessary steps are all listening.

Raping and torturing an innocent 5-year old is beyond any scope of forgiving. It’s an UNPARDONABLE SIN. There should not be any relief for a criminal in any child abuse case. Also, if these beasts are not PUNISHED SEVERELY right away, we are only giving birth to more such criminals. These men or rather beasts are like leeches that cling on and suck out the blood (culture and values) completely from our ages old civilization. These are weeds in our society that need to be uprooted right now.

At 5, I used to play in the neighbourhood houses for hours and my tired mother used to sleep peacefully. I had the liberty to go to a neighbour’s place and watch television till late eve. On the contrary, I am now scared to send my kids away from my sight even for a second. Every face looks like a prospective criminal to me, ready to pounce upon anytime.


All because there is no fear of the law? Of the society?

I speak for every mother, including the one that took all the pains to deliver such ruthless souls. I wish to see him hanged in public. He has no right to be alive. He has no amount of humanity left in him and hence must be killed NOW. Leave him to public. Let him face us.

Today is Earth Day and it is our duty to save Mother Earth from the burden of carrying such shameless, useless and hopeless wretched sons.

I just wish that the system and the media doesn’t come out with another sensational headline like,

It happened with mutual consent.

That would be the last straw.

Picture Courtesy: Change.org FB Page

We are not helpless. We are the much more powerful than you. We are the citizens of the country. You thrive on our hard-earned money. We raised you to where you are today. We can bring you down as well.




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Rapes happen in India, because we are a callous nation


9 Replies to “Wake Up India: It’s Now or Never!”

  1. I agree that the rapists, increasing in number as they are, deserve severe punishment. But I think it is also necessary to find out why this is happening. What’s wrong with our society? There’s smething radically wrong and it has to be corrected…

    1. Exactly, Sir! There is something seriously wrong and that something according to me is Corruption and Lack of proper Law and Order in the country. Each criminal now knows they can get away with anything and everything if there’s money or influential people to take care of. Nobody cared for the 21 year old student who fought and died in December, then why will anyone bother about a 5-year old born to not so rich family…Right???

  2. Oh I am waiting for those morons to now start a topic on what that poor lil girl’s dressing and how she should not have been playing at that particular time of the day, and such rubbish!! Bloody sick mentality!

    1. Absolutely true, Di! The media is acting so irresponsibly. They have so much power in their hands, but they are wasting it discussing such irrelevant stuff. I also hate the way each of the political parties are using the opportunity to do canvassing for their party. Can any of them tell us for sure that these things will not happen if they are elected? I sincerely will go and cast my “NO VOTE”, my right to refusal of each one of them.

  3. The question is still hidden! Why these flinty sort of acts are increasing in our mother nation day by day? Is that all because of the rich tradition and culture we have been following from our primates inwards? If this is the case, I doubt, how many among us will set to be free if we take a total count of 10? Here ‘us’ does includes male and female as well. I had an experience which can be included under this genre while watching a movie in one among the most popular theatre in Kochi. This does shows that, even a guy of 19 years old are also not so secure in the society we are living now. Whenever the updated new rape news flashes in media, the first issue which will always hit my mind is our state renowned Kiliroor case itself. Hope you are familiar about it, uh? Do you know about its current statistics now?
    The only thing we could do now is raise our voices at its max and make our superior domain leaders to exit a number of sturdy actions against this kind of brutal and shameful attacts. A very well written post, Chechi.


    1. Rahul, I believe it is not that the cases are increasing day by day. It might be that the victim’s kins have become more responsible and have started coming out in the open and reporting, unlike recent years when things were kept hidden from public for fear of loosing honour in the society. Moreover, the media highlights the cases so much without helping bring in any positive advancements in the judicial system, that we tend to feel that the cases have increased. Whatever it be, it’s too much on our government and the entire system that is taking ages to give justice to the victim by punishing the accused. Till such time, I don’t see the number of cases going down.

      1. Yes, of course! We do really miss the real justice here. But why? Why can’t they pass strict rules against such brutal acts in a democratic nation like India?


    1. Yeah Saru! That was the first news I read y’day morning and I was almost sick and felt like throwing up. These individuals cannot be humans, they truly would be beasts that they don’t even leave a poor animal. One thing is sure, we should not shut up till the government takes an action. I see a much larger motive of theirs in delaying the whole justice process. Come what may, they sure aren’t gonna get the votes from majority of females in the next elections.

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