Kanya Poojan: What for?

Man accused of raping five-year-old in Delhi arrested from Bihar, say police

Nation shocked by rape and brutalization of five-year-old in Delhi

TOI: Another rape: Anger rises, protests spread in Delhi as 5-year-old victim battles for life

Raped 5-year-old girl critical in Delhi

How could he bear the screams of the child when he was upto this shameless act?

Navaratra is going on and majority of Delhi houses were on week-long fasting, which concluded with the ages old custom of “Kanya Poojan” or “Kanjak” conducted yersterday and today.


What for do we worship the girls when people among us only mistreat them?

My friend and a co-blogger Harsha is so very right when she says,

God(dess) is dead!

Crazy it is getting day by day and I have no more words to express my grief, pain and anger for that baby girl. Ruthless!


5 Replies to “Kanya Poojan: What for?”

    1. He’ll now setup a committee under the able guidance of ‘Madamji’ to look into the matter, which might wake up years or decades later by when girls would have either stopped being born or might hav already killed all beasts.

    2. The trouble is that we all know it should be stopped, every single soul is ‘deeply disturbed’, but none of us know how to stop it. It can only happen if the judiciary takes quick action in such situations and the punishment for such offences have to be extremely severe so that nobody has the guts to even imagine such a thing even in their wildest dreams.

      A humble request to our dear Police officials: kindly do not consider yourself as some super power which is different from us. You are one amongst us and you need to be more empathetic towards us and our problems.

  1. It’s horrific incident. It becomes more so when we read that the victim’s family claimed that the policemen tried to bribe them with Rs,2000 to hush up the matter. This bizarre incident shows that the policemen are not humans but animals.

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