Man and Woman: one does not exist without the other.
Wish we have heads that understand this.


Hi friends,

Its almost two  months , I haven’t done any creation or visited my friends blogs . I’m back again and my first charge is to put my imprints on every plot of my community.

Recently I happened to watch a  talk show based on ‘Womens Right’ on one of our television channels. Both men and women participated on the show. Within moments the show seemed like a battle rather than an open discussion. Most of the women showed a tendency to attack all the men sitting before them by  assaulting, abusing , harassing , raising their voice, almost like screaming .Their appearance looked extremely horrible due to their behavioural presentation. It was noteworthy that young girls between the age group of 18 -25 who participated on the show followed the same trait of other women. Though dressed in modern outfittings , their face and eyes seemed furious …

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