Thorns to Stars


Just as evening falls, and dusk squeezes in
Everything on this side of the horizon
Naturally becomes quiet and tacit
The soft silent breeze soothes body and soul
The cold wind blows spreading its fragrance
The snowy night fills up the woods
Snow blanket envelops the sky
The oceanic tides rise and fall
In response to moon’s call for love
There in the coziness of their little nest
They melt into each other
Unaware of the devil’s schemes

Another dawn breaks
Sun rays shine through the clouds
Birds are humming, singing and chirping
Trees sway in the summer breeze
Standing tall with pride
Mountains echoes her name repeatedly
Only to be heard back again and again
There he is lying alone in the dew-kissed grass
As wisps of clouds float by
Casting shadows of the damned
He looks up at the sky with an intense quest
Desiring to be with her for eternity

He walked along the path, all alone
Through the thorns to the stars
Deeply hurt, yet calm
Looking up at the sky
He promised to himself
Nothing can ever part us
Neither height, nor depth, nor anything else
One last time before the meltdown
All he muttered to her
I’ll always be there for you
I’ll always be there with you
Come alive one last time…

Copyright © 2013 by Rekha


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