I pretend

‘I pretend’ is a poem describing what you and I have gone through or are going through. It’s something one does because they value relationships.

Alas!!! No one understands. 😦


I know.
But I pretend I don’t.
I heard.
But I pretend I haven’t.
I saw.
But I pretend I didn’t.
I understand.
But I prefer to play ignorance.
I felt.
But I pretend I have no feelings.
It pains.
But I pretend it doesn’t.
It hurts terribly deep within.
But I pretend it doesn’t hurt at all.
I pretend n I pretend n I pretend
Only to be ignored, hurt, broken and shattered.

I promise to keep pretending
For all I wish to remember are the good times till eternity.

P.S. :- The moment you realize you’re becoming a burden in any relationship, it’s better to rescue the other party by setting them free. That way, you will never hate each other. And may be with time the wound heals.


Copyright © 2013 by Rekha


30 Replies to “I pretend”

  1. awsome! We live in the world where every one pretends now and then, some become obvious and some stays hidden! Just perfect discription making ‘I’ the object!

  2. At times it’s good to pretend and we can save relationships, as all relationships (brother/sister, sisters, mother/kids, husband/wife, and friends) have ups and downs, at times we like/love other person (could be anyone out of these relations) and at times we hate each other. But if we pretend everything is normal we can save the relationship at the time of a stressful situation.

    1. Well said, Saurabh!
      May be that’s your successful recipe. But it hasn’t worked out for me yet.
      Still cooking and testing various ingredients…:-)

    1. “Letting go is the hardest choice, sometimes made without wishing to do.”

      Very True Dinesh! Many a times, it is all happens even if we don’t want it to happen. But that’s what life is all about. Random twists at every corner.

  3. Hi Rekha, Very beautiful. If only relationships and life were not complex. The negatives and positives just seem too interwoven to segregate them into pretense and genuine. It’s even a scary thought. I had once heard a song, “Pretend you’re happy when you’re blue, It isn’t very hard to do, And you’ll find happiness without an end, Whenever you pretend.
    Remember anyone can dream, And nothing’s bad as it may seem, The little things you haven’t got, Could be alot if you pretend”

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