The Sacred Knot

Together We Are Complete We Compliment Each Other :-)
Together We Are Complete
We Compliment Each Other

Two different individuals,

Two totally different breeds,

From varied backgrounds,

With different intellects,

Having diverse dreams and ambitions,

Meet irrespective of geographic and other boundaries,

To make a perfect couple,

Just perfect enough for each other. 🙂 🙂 🙂


The most important and much sought after query of mine:

How on earth, two so very different people get attracted to each other and decide to spend the rest of their lives together?

Unspoken and hence unanswered it was.

Marriage, either Love or Arranged, is actually an institution where we learn new lessons on a regular basis: every year, every month, every day, every hour, every minute and every second.

Not sure about the other partner, but I wouldn’t want to get out of this institution for life. 😀 😉 😀

Love, they say is the basis of a perfect and pleasant relationship. And trust me, even if it is a perfectly, conservatively arranged marriage, where you do not know each other, slowly and steadily, the two souls do get bonded in an irreversible manner and in an undefined way.

As a child, I always used to wonder, how my mother used to understand so many things that my Dad needed or was thinking of, without him uttering a single word. Now that I’ve completed a decade of having tied the knot, I know exactly how and when all the understanding happens. From the way his breath goes on the other side of the phone, I know what he is thinking or how he is at that very moment. Similarly, from just a glimpse of me, he gets to know what’s going on in my mind.

Being married doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll love each other every single second or will always have cuddly cute moments. There definitely will be differences of opinion. We did have such instances with our parents and siblings whom we have known for so very long. Didn’t we? Each of us has our own set of perfections and imperfections. With a little bit of care, understanding, compromise and a little effort in being the first one to step forward (by both partners) without carrying the burden of your false ego, every relationship can be made successful. Marriage and the subsequent expansion of family with added responsibilities and liabilities, teaches you how to appreciate and respect the perfections and look beyond the imperfections.

Hold My Hand & Never Let  Me Go
Hold My Hand & I”ll Never Let You Go

Life is pretty unpredictable and you never know how long you’ll have a hand to hold on to. Hold it as tightly as you can and as long as you can.

Always believe, out of the whole world He chose THIS ONE for you, because you’re destined to be together and because this one IS the one for you. It’s just like building a leading TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More). I prefer to expand it as, Together Each one Achieves More.

Last but not the least: If you really want your relationship to be successful, Let Go of Your Ego!

EGO is just like DUST in the EYES.
Without cleaning dust. You can’t see anything clearly!
So, Clear Ego and See The world.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends! 🙂


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