Blink and here goes January 2013…

A blink of the eye and here goes January 2013…and all I have to say is,

Thank You Very Much!

Bye Bye January 2013! :-)
Bye Bye January 2013! 🙂

Didn’t quite get the New Year feel this year as things were quite messy just before the New Year.

My ultra-disorganized hubby lost his wallet on our way back from a get together at a friend’s place. 😦 The next few days went sorting out these things like blocking the cards, getting the PAN card, license and RC re-issued. The philosopher in me told him, “Jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai.” I can still hear him scream back, “What’s so good about loosing my wallet?”

So, that was New Year’s Eve for us. No worries. We are still happy! 🙂

In the second week, he was on an official tour for about 10 days and I had the liberty of being the single parent. Yippie! 🙂 The happiness is coz of absence of competition and the result: the kids didn’t dare retort back on my commands. Not good. Huh! But we truly had fun. 🙂 Deciding the menu as per what kids liked, having fun, playing and learning with them, listening to animated stories on YouTube before falling asleep cuddled between my two lil darlings…everything was so very perfect.  🙂 🙂 🙂

Suddenly a jolt from nowhere! Life always waits for that perfect moment to hit. I forgot the keys inside the house and got locked up outside. Thanks to my lil Love, who did some prank on the otherwise deactivated lock!  Thank God, my kids too were outside the house!

I went down to the nearest shopkeeper checked for the Chaabiwaala (Duplicate Key Maker) and then rang up my Dad. Poor thing always has to run up and down just coz of this stupid gal of his. 😦 😦 😦  No panic, no stress, an ultra-cool Rex, the rarest species. I thought this guy will be able to make the key and we’ll again be inside Home Sweet Home.

But alas, ‘Man Proposes, God Disposes’.

Upon seeing the lock, he immediately declared, key cannot be made as this is a computerized lock and the keys can only be made by the manufacturers through a computer. Thus our hardly 9 month-old house’s main door had to be broke open.

INR 800 to get into our own house. 😦 😦 😦 

Remember, the ultra-cool Rex? She sends a message to her hubby, who’s on an international trip informing of the unprecedented situation and the expense that was to hit him soon. An SMS in response said, “Ok. No worries. Hope u n kids r safe.Wish I could hug him right then. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks a ton to the Almighty for having given me the best in the world. A Dad, who never scolded me when I expected it the most. Papa, I still feel sorry for having broken (though unknowingly) the emergency light you brought from Saudi Arabia. A life-partner who complements me (short-tempered and heavily paranoid I am, or rather I was) by being the super ultra-cool person he is.

Trust me, this habit actually annoys me most of the time. But, let him be happy for a while…right??? 😉 😉 😉

Apart from this, there were few more unhappy incidents and resultant losses that made me want to kick off January, 2013. So here I go…

Dear January 2013,

Kindly pack your bags and leave our home. But bless us with better, happy and peaceful days ahead.

And dear February, you are the most lovable to me for known reasons. Hope you bring in showers of happiness as always. 🙂

Yours truly,

Rex 🙂

Smiling like always! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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