A Miracle called Mom’s Hug

This one’s dedicated to someone who’s a friend-cum-sister-cum-colleague and inspires me to write more and more. 

Thanks, Chinu! I am touched. 🙂

Pronounced dead, revived by mom’s hug: ‘Miracle baby’ turning 2

Miracle it indeed was! But then I guess motherhood is supposed to be miraculous. 🙂

Definitely, science can explain the actual reason being the warmth from the mother’s body incubating the infant which ultimately saved his life. But beyond all this there’s the emotional equation that works almost all the time.

The Umbilical Cord, a Divine Connection
The Umbilical Cord, a Divine Connection

The moment a baby is conceived, there’s this special bond that happens between the mother and the foetus, even before one is aware of the conception (Believe me, I am telling this from experience). The morning sickness and other symptoms only medically certify this bond to make it even more stronger. And as I did during both my pregnancies, I believe all expectant mothers do communicate a lot with their precious treasure.

The Heavenly Touch
The Heavenly Touch

I used to talk to my kids for hours when they were in my womb. Especially Anu, because she was a boon dropped from heaven as an answer to all those years of prayers. 🙂

Someone told me that if we take a lil bit of sugar, the foetus moves. And you wouldn’t believe, I used to take sugar cubes every hour or so, just to feel my baby move and kick. 🙂 🙂 🙂 An amazing feeling it was. An undefined sensation of contentment. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I used to tell her about anything and everything that I wanted to, just like a toddler comes home and eagerly throws up the day’s happenings. 🙂

If I were to explain Jamie’s miraculous come-back, it would be like this. 🙂

Jamie’s mother too would have told him so many things from her past, from her present and about things that she wished to do with him in the future. Together, they would have made big plans of picnics/holidays, the various activities they’ll do together, the various games they would play, the various places they would travel to and what not. Jamie would have requested God‘s angel who came to pick him up, to let him stay and enjoy all those moments that his Mom had promised him, that let his Dad feel him too, that let him stay and enjoy his childhood with his tiny lil sister. And when those tiny hands folded, when those cute lil eyes closed, when those beautiful lips moved in prayer, how could He refuse? Definitely, a miracle ought to have happened.  🙂 At the same time, Jamie’s Mom was talking to him and God would not have wanted to miss the future conversations she would have had with Jamie. Isn’t it? 🙂 🙂 🙂

You make me feel complete! :)
You make me feel complete! 🙂

Only a mother understands how it feels to hug the baby closer the very first time. I can bet every mother forgets the entire labor pain the moment she touches her baby. I still remember the first kiss I gave baby Anu while she was looking at me with her curious eyes and how lil Love stretched her finger to touch mine just after birth (a step ahead she always is).  A heavenly feeling it was and it is! 🙂 🙂 🙂


I believe a mother is much more attached to a baby because of the physical intimacy they share since conception. The 40 weeks inside the womb, the year-long breast-feeding sessions and the sleepless nights rocking the baby to sleep. It’s like someone’s whispering to you all the time like Delhi Police, “With you, For you, Always!“. The only difference: this one truly means it. 😉 😉 😉

With Anu and Lil Love (July 2009)
With Anu and Lil Love (July 2009)

I know the power of hugs because while dealing with my 4-year old excessively naughty lil Love, a hug is all it takes for her to forget the pain of being scolded or punished.  Being a daughter as well as a mother, I can say a hug from my Mom is all it takes to make me forget the wildest pain. And a hug from my kid is all I need to make my day perfect. Hugging is the most beautiful form of touching and brings such warmth that can fix anything and everything.

With Anu and naughty Love (June 2012)
With Anu and naughty Love (June 2012)

Truly, a mother is born with every baby. 🙂

Good night and sleep tight! 😀

With lots of love and best wishes,



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  1. how it feel when mom hug her child…. ?
    i am asking this typical Q bcz i never ever feel this amazing or say most wonderful moment

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