Something I scribbled down last night…meaningless though!

The trigger was a dead pigeon I found at the doorsteps upon my return back home.

I consider this a tribute to all those whom I lost along the way in some way or the other.

I titled it R.I.P as my full form of R.I.P is Return If Possible. 😦

All I wish for...
All I wish for…

I am well aware that nobody is going to come this way,

Yet this heart is secretly wishing the footsteps of a beloved one.

The wind makes the long lonely stretch a little dusty,

I wish to see a figure appear from behind as the dust settles down slowly. 

The spring season has been playing hide and seek for quite a while,

But I believe it’s saving a season full of blooms for my dear one. 

I know there’s no one to come this way yet I wait at the door,

Without knowing whom it is,  I wait there expectantly.

Without promises to meet again, they all left, 

But my heart still longs for their return.

I continue my regular wait at the doorway,

Waiting anxiously for them to return.

Unexpectedly, I hear someone’s footsteps outside the door,

How I wish this spring blooms fully

And whatever it brings along stays forever.

With this I run non-stop to the doorway with eager eyes

Only to find that someone who lost his way has come and is already gone.  

All I wish for is a dear one to come back this way some day before its too late.



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