Wings of Freedom

Wings of Freedom

Don’t chop off their wings
Don’t step on their dreams
Don’t spoil their innocence
Teach them bout good and evil
Help differentiate right from wrong
Make them fly with confidence
Empower our children!

The recent Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Kerala, Bangalore, UP (I think the entire Indian map would have to be incorporated here to name all the cities), rape cases have actually shaken each and every soul in the world. The level of brutality has exceeded all extremes. I myself am so very scared that I wish to keep my kids with me all the time.

But does that assure me of their safety? My safety?

No, it does not.

It is their age to learn, fly, be adventurous, lively and what not. In my attempt to protect them, I should not overprotect them and end up loosing them forever. They need freedom, just like any adult, every child too needs their own space and time. All we must do is educate them, beware them, empower them.

Here are few steps to follow:

  • Every parent must make the child (irrespective of boy or girl) aware of potential risks from strangers. Here’s the simple workshop conducted by Aamir Khan on Satyameva Jayate (with English sub-titles).

Workshop for children on Child Abuse

  • However tired, sick or irritated you are, do listen to what the kid is saying or perhaps murmuring. Some kids pour it out when they play with their toys. Keep listening carefully word-to-word. At the same time, don’t let them feel you’re poking your nose into everything they do. I know parenting is a crazy job, yet the most blessed. 🙂
  • Do not shy away from the innocent and not-so-innocent queries they ask. Handle them tactfully. It first takes us to convince ourselves with the answers and so, do it bit-by-bit. Some of those questions really makes you wonder who the real kid is. 😀
  • Spend some time with the kid. However little, but do spend some quality time playing with them, listening to their stories, bonding with them. Occasionally  appreciate them for the small small achievements or good deeds they do. It boosts their confidence. There’s no age to be tired of getting complimented. I wish I get one every second. 😀
  • Ensure your child gets enrolled into some self-defence classes like Karate, Taekwondo etc.

   Fathers Beware: You are the ones they’ll use as “Hit Me Toy” during practice sessions. 😀

  • In my childhood, our neighbors, even few streets away, used to know me very well.  My mother used to go to work leaving us (me and my sis) at the mercy of our neighbors and I wish to acknowledge that they really took good care of us. Make good relations with your neighbors, fellow parents and everyone possible, so that you have help at hand when needed. Stop fighting on silly issues and be a good example. 🙂
  • If at all you happen to meet a child in distress and uncomfortable talking it out, help him/her with the CHILDLINE India Helpline number 1098.
  • Understand that nothing is more precious than the child you carried for 9 months and nurtured for so long. Don’t make it a case of honour or feel ashamed.  Don’t hide things unnecessarily and demotivate the child.  The society did not bear the labor pain with you. It won’t bear your loss too. 😦

Here’s a link that provides some good points for us parents. More US-centric, but some points are really well-thought of.

20 Ways You Can Help Prevent Child Abuse

God forbid something happens to any child, ours or someone else’s , do not panic or wait for someone else to react. Help the kid and make him/her know that, “It’s not your fault.”.

Remember. Your guardian angel is watching over you. But needs a little help from you as well.

I am getting into a counselling mode. My first patient, my hubby, is here. So guys, you are SAFE now. 😀

Enjoy and Sleep Tight! Good Night and Sweet Dreams! 🙂


4 Replies to “Wings of Freedom”

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for writing in!
      Rape is actually all over the world. But in India we make it such an honour issue that the victims or the survivors are at loss rather than the bloody rapists who should be ashamed and regretful of their deed. This fear of society, “Log kya kahenge?”, “Badnaami ho jaayegi” attitude is the one that has fed so much courage into them. If it was all treated in the first attempt someone made, things would not have gotten so rotten. More than the government, the media, the police, it is our society to be blamed, us to be blamed, for making females feel so very inferior. I am a mother of 2 daughters and even in today’s times, I get statements like, “Ek beta to zaroor hona chahiye tha.”, “Ladkiyaan hain, bhai hota to thoda bachaav ho jaata”, “Ladkiyaan to paraya dhan hain, ek din chali jaayengi. Ghar chalane ko to ladka hona hi chahiye” and the best of all, “Tumhari arthi ko kaandha kaun dega, chitha ko aag kaun dega.”. To this one I responded, “Auntyji, aap apni chitha ki fikar kijiye, hamare liye Electric crematorium ban gaye hain”. That lady doesn’t face me post that. Lucky me! 😀

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