I wish I am wrong for once.

The past week has been a depressing one. It would have been better if there was some positive outcome for all the anger and agitation that the students of India and the genuine protesters expressed at India Gate and other parts of the country. But with all this being politicized now, I hardly have any hopes of justice for the 23 year-old lying in Safdarjung Hospital, alive (may be).

Yes, I said ‘May be’.

…because I somehow do not trust the media, the doctors, the politicians, when they are telling, “Girl’s condition improves.” “Girl stable.

A notable blogger, posted few clicks on Monday morning. Upon seeing the pics, I just looked at my husband and smiled.

What was this in the morning sky?

Thanks, IHM!

I smiled coz I had company. I too had seen that ‘something’. And most of all, it was not one of those, “tumhe laga hoga (you would have imagined)” sort of things.

The science I studied, the newspaper headlines and the NASA updates, do tell me that it was some meteor…the remaining one from the meteor shower that was happening since 21st December, early morning.

But the religious, orthodox, superstitious me, felt it like it was a sign that someone had attained ‘Moksha’.

No, no, it’s not just this ‘something’ that made me feel so…it’s also the crying and howling of dogs in the neighborhood that disturbed me and brought in a sick, depressing thought.

I really wish for once, this thought, my intuition is wrong.

I sincerely wish she’s alive. I wish she does get justice.

I wish she gets good treatment and the doctors are able to give her a normal life.

I so wish some miracle happens and life is good again.


7 Replies to “I wish I am wrong for once.”

  1. Yes. I did see when I went to water Tulsi sometime past 7 on Sat morning. My hubby ignored me saying that since I’ve only been thinking and listening bout this incident, I would have felt so. Thanks for taking d pics n proving it wasn’t imaginary. But I would want my inner gut feeling to be wrong this time.

    1. Yes. I strongly believe so. I feel they only took the dead body to Singapore to avoid havoc here in India. N all that controversy by Abhijit Mukherjee n allegations by the sub-magistrate were all pre-planned and staged.

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