Where were you? Where are you?

Lil Love while getting ready for school, tells me, “Mamma, you said the same things yesterday morning and yesterday night too.”

Anu repeats, “Not just yesterday, but 2-3 days before that also, you repeated the same things. ”

Yes, I have been telling my kids the following regularly during our chit chats since the past few days. I believe it is because I haven’t been able to get through the shock of the Sunday incident.

  • Don’t take anything that any unknown person gives you.
  • Don’t hide things from your parents.
  • Don’t get scared when people tell you to not let your parents know.
  • Don’t let anyone touch you….the right touch and the wrong touch
  • and so on…

I myself know that 4-year old Lil Love is too small to understand the depth of these things. But I am scared. To be frank, I am now scared to see any kid, any girl, any woman on the road. The first thought that comes to my mind is that the girl on the hospital bed, could have been me, or this kid, or this girl, or that woman. The very thought kills me.

This incident has shaken us par explanation. Not that it is d first one, not because there weren’t other brutal assaults. But because it happened right in the midst of the Capital city when the roads weren’t deserted, when the girl wasn’t alone, right amidst police checkposts. Where should we feel safe? I worry for every girl, every daughter, every single lady. What pleasure does someone get out of such beastly act?

I had seen the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha on Doordarshan during childhood. I also read a lot about Mother Mary. And my belief in God was firmer than in anything or anyone else. But, this incident has shattered my beliefs beyond words.

Lord Krishna had reached out to Draupadi when she was put at stake by one of her five husbands, Yudhishtra (said to be Dharmaputra), in the game of dice and was publicly insulted by disrobing her of her saree.

I now ask Krishna,

  • Where were you when those 6 wretched sons of yours were up to this brutality?
  • Where were you?
  • Why didn’t you do something to save her?
  • Why didn’t you send someone for help?
  • Why didn’t you listen to her screams?
  • Is it not time for you to come down and save us?
  • You gave Shishupal only 100 chances of wrongdoings. Why are these beasts given so much time?
  • Is there something more that needs to happen?
  • Isn’t it time for Lord Venkateswara to open his eyes and burn the devils?
  • Oh Goddess Durga, isn’t it time for you to come and kill these Mahishasuras?

For once Oh Lord, please show us you are there, show us you do care, show us we are equally loved by you and show us we are not abandoned kids.

Show us you are present, show us you care
Show us you are present, show us you care

Just 6 days to the unfortunate incident and mass outrage and yet there’s no end.

No end to victim’s woes who became mother at age of 14

Madrassa teacher sentenced to 22 years in prison for raping minor

Three-year-old raped by father, abandoned by mother, struggles for survival

19-year-old allegedly gangraped by five persons

This year, teen rape cases in Mumbai rose 29%


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