No Five Fingers Are Alike.

With the continuous news regarding last Sunday’s gang-rape incident, I am sure almost all females are terribly hurt, upset and agitated and might have some sort of sick feeling about all men. Here I would like to state a fact.

No Five Fingers Are Alike.


Yes, not all men are beasts. I say this from my personal experience because every time I was in an odd situation, it was a man who was wrong and it was another man who helped me.

My Mom will be surprised to know of the incidents I am stating here, coz I have never shared most of it with anyone. I never shared these with her, coz I knew how tough it was for her to raise us all alone and I didn’t want to make life tougher for her. All the time I used to tell myself, “I can handle things myself.” By God’s grace I was able to handle most of it all by myself. And for the others, God always sent angels to protect me.

As stated earlier, my Dad was working abroad for over 10 years and hence we were alone with our Mom. That made us more prone to untoward incidents when we were out on the roads. We used to spend our two months summer vacations in Kerala at our Grandmother’s place. I was about 8 or 9 and it was one of our vacation trips to Kerala by Mangala Express. One fine morning, I along with my sis, who was 4 years younger to me, went to the washroom to get fresh. As Mangala Express was extremely crowded during the holiday season, there was rush and we had to wait just next to the wash basin and the door of the compartment. There was this some 40+ uncle who first pinched my 4 something sis on her cheek and then came and pressed himself hard against me touching at the wrong places. A scared me couldn’t say or shout except that I kept staring at him. From nowhere came a young chap, may be in his early twenties and just pushed this guy aside and asked us to go and come back with Mom. I still remember that angel’s face and he’s always in my prayers.

Later in life many a times, many such incidents happened, including the guy who stalked me for almost a year just before my unexpected marriage. And I used to think it is because I am not married and people take girls for granted. Little did I realize that for a hungry beast, age or marital status didn’t matter at all.

The worst incident was one that happened when I was almost 8 months pregnant with my first baby and was travelling back home one evening in the jam-packed green-line bus. There was this 40 something guy who knew (he wasn’t blind) that I was carrying, yet poked himself onto me from behind and there was literally no space to move for me. I asked him to move back and he confidently responded, “Jagah kahaan hai behanji? (Translation: Where is the space to move back, Lady?)” Yet again, a young guy pulled him by his collar and politely said, “Tauji, chalte firte ghar pahunchna chahte ho to sudhar jao…” (Translation: Uncle, if you wish to reach home walking, behave yourself.)  And then he gestured to another guy who was sitting on the gents’ seat to get up and made me sit comfortably. Another angel!!!

It was only once I got down the bus that I realized that the bloody guy had ejaculated on my clothes and all I did was puke by the roadside and cried till I reached home. I didn’t tell this to anyone back home (including her husband), for fear that they might make me sit at home and that’ll be the end of my career.

My Mom always asked me why I cried so hard upon the birth of both my daughters even after having craved for them so much. I gave her vague responses till now.

So Mom, here’s the truth.

With all that I had seen and heard happening with girls in the 26 years as a girl, a married woman, by the time I gave birth to them, I was sorry that I had brought them into this place with such beastly souls waiting to pounce upon from every corner. But then I was also happy that there were those angels too who fought for our safety and made this world beautiful. But it still aches when I fear thinking what if the angel isn’t able to reach, like in this girl’s case.  What’ll happen to all our girls?

Wish there were more angels than beasts on Earth…


7 Replies to “No Five Fingers Are Alike.”

  1. Make your daughters strong enough much more than us so as to fight for themselves dear its not just you we all girls go through many such incidence and hide them even I did till date but I think we should be speaking it out to save all of us.

    1. I have already received a dozen of calls and mails asking me to take this post off. They say, its sick. My query is, if this is sick for you, what would you call the Sunday event? Imagine the plight of the female who goes through it every now and then.

  2. I think there are more angels than beasts. Unfortunately, the beasts are more active, while the angels often choose to remain silent.

    The scariest part is, an angel is sometimes a beast in disguise. There have been reports of men running homes/shelters for children abusing the children in the same homes/shelters.

  3. It is wonderful to see that you still retain your sense of optimism and faith in the goodness of humans after having such disgusting and disturbing incidents happen to you personally. Truly appreciate your guts in more than one sense here, one for having put up this post with such personal incidents which you obviously didn’t have to share in the public domain and two for still having the guts to say that “all fingers are not alike”.

    Hats off to your courage, keep the faith and like Proactive Indian says, I also believe that there are more angels than beasts in this world.

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