How safe are our daughters?

Girl gang-raped in moving bus in Delhi

A news that made me shiver out of fear, bristle with rage and break down into tears…

I was just thinking of the mental state of the girl. How can people be so cruel and ruthless? I am sure some of the assaulters must surely be having a sis, a wife, a daughter or at least a mother, even if they themselves have no idea of who their father is. Bloody hell! How on earth could they commit such a heinous crime? And the worst amongst them happens to be the driver…how could he keep driving around the city with such a terrible thing happening inside the vehicle. I would have had some sort of respect for him, if instead he would have driven them to a nearest police station.

This episode makes me wonder how safe are our daughters in a country like India where rapists walk freely and the victims are tortured mentally for their life after all the mental and physical trauma they go through. And then we talk of our culture….Shame on us!

How the police cracked the Delhi gang-rape case

They say they have cracked the case…and I say they have cracked a life as if it were just an earthen pot. Can they give her back her life, her dreams, he hopes of a bright future? Who is at loss here? Her parents at most…I am sure these rogues too will get out and freely walk into another victim. Sick and tired of this attitude.

I now feel female foeticide is good and should be promoted… at least those parents are not allowing such things to happen to their daughters. And yes, if this is the future, I sincerely wish that the world ends on the December 21, 2012.

Can we just close our eyes and just blame it on the constitution and the law-makers?

Should we? 

Should we not do something for a better and safe future for our kids? Not just girls, but the boys too are under threat these days. 

What do you think should be done?

Recently heard Kiran Walia, Minister for Women & Child Department, Social Welfare Department, speak at a public gathering and say our women are not safe in their own homes. Why do you think it is so? Isn’t it our duty to teach our boys to respect the opposite gender while we keep bugging our daughters with theories of how a woman should adjust and compromise for the well-being of the family?

Man is the head of the family. Agreed. But, that doesn’t make Woman the tail or rather a door mat. In our generation, where we find difficulty in making ends meet without both the partners working within and outside of the home, don’t you think both are equal heads? No, I am not into a debate on equality for women. Just that a little more respect for the ‘weaker sex’. Imagine the day when the weaker sex decides to help herself and takes the law in her own hands. Not one or two, but hundreds and thousands of us who are getting abused, assaulted daily in various locations. Would that be a better solution to this problem? Aren’t we heading there?

A friend of mine, says that things will improve if we legalize prostitution in India. Do you think so?

Well I don’t think so. I feel that’ll only help avoid female foeticide…so that parents can sell their daughters and earn money. It is just like to save one child of mine, I sacrifice another one. Isn’t it? Do you think the girls who’ll be into this legalized profession will be there by choice?

What’s your view on this?


4 Replies to “How safe are our daughters?”

  1. I think we should all be providing our daughters with a knife with them all the time and the make them brave enough to use it when ever required without any fear of legal or political as if they cannot keep the country safe this is the only way human rights can be maintained.

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