The First Milestone

A decade of walking together… 🙂

Few Miles travelled…
With ups and downs…
Thru thick and thin…
Good and Not-so-good memories…
A roller coaster ride it has been…

Few highlights of our journey:

  • A simple white metal ring with an American diamond (which Renu, my sis, gifted me), worn on the wrong finger (the ring finger),  had given you the courage to propose me thinking I’m already engaged. 😀
  • Thanks to Rediffmail….a series of emails with ‘why it’s not possible‘ that I used to write during the day and your responses during midnight with “why it’ll work” for a continuous 7 months…Man, patience and perseverance were the two qualities of yours that I still envy. Had it been anyone else, with so much of negativity from me, would have left front long back. 😀
  • You still believing that I looked back at you while walking through the corridors of our office in Patel Nagar and I still disagreeing of it. 😀
  • The best was your interview with Dad…and his verdict, “I can’t find a better guy for you, but you can’t marry him.” 😦
  • The 12 scary nights at Apollo Hospital during my illness and subsequent surgery…I swear I had thought you’d leave me forever. 😥 Thanks for disproving me and being with me showering positive vibes all the time…I’m sure without you I wouldn’t have come out of that depressing phase. 🙂
  • It’ll be a sin on my part if I do not thank God for the precious angels we are blessed with. 🙂 At this point in time, I’m glad we have all that one can ask for. Thank you, Lord! Bless us now and always with all that is enough for us to lead a peaceful life. 🙂

You are the best thing that could have happened to me. I’m sure God couldn’t find someone from my region who could tolerate me and my tantrums for so long and that’s why He had to create one here in North India and make ways for us to meet.

A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a heart to care, a friend to fight with (I know you’re smiling thinking that I only initiate it most of the times. Gracefully accepted 😉 ), a parent at times, a brother at times, a doc at times…you are an All-In-One package for me. 🙂

10 years back, on the 17th of December 2002, we weren’t sure we would get married…our parents weren’t sure if we would come this long…but I’m sure that they are now thankful to the Almighty as much as we are, for having united us.

Marriages are truly made in Heaven…and we only have the responsibility to make them work.

I still remember Vix’s words during our initial ‘the so-called struggling‘ days,

“Together we’ll move mountains…” 

We did and We will. 🙂

Many more miles to go…

A Big Thank You for accepting me as I am with all my flaws….and never complaining, the way I do. 🙂

Here’s wishing you a Very Happy Anniversary on completing a decade of togetherness! 🙂

Wanna be one of your strengths for many more decades. 🙂

Love you lots,

Rekhu 🙂

A note to the youngsters as well as parents:

Ours was a love marriage arranged solely by Him, us and a few friends. The biggest thing we lacked for years was our parents’ blessings. My Dad didn’t speak to me for 18 long months after my marriage (the toughest punishment for me), till I got ill. Please please please try and convince your parents as far as possible.

And parents, please please please have faith in your upbringing and stretch your hands to bless your kid and his/her choice. It’s never complete without your blessings. Otherwise, it’s not just the two of them, but two families that are going through the entire painful episode.

So to all those who thought it was a fairy tale coming true…lemme tell you, it could have been much much joyful had it happened with the blessings of our elders.

P.S. –  On this day, we ought to thank a lot of people, who believed in us, when many didn’t. Saurabh, Roystan, Shreesh, Tanuja, Mahender, Neeraj, Prashant, Tamojit and 3-months old Shreeja. You were the ones who made it possible. Renu, Raju bhaiya, Jyoti, without your love and support, life wouldn’t have been fun. Chachu and Chachi, Raj uncle and Kiran aunty, for rushing to our help whenever needed. Sundaramama for calling up every morning to check my well-being.

And most of all, Acha & Amma, Ma & Papa, for forgiving us and accepting us. I am sure now you do trust that we never had any bad intentions. A BIG SORRY for one last time. Please forgive us.

While I write this (3.12 a.m. on 16th December, 2012), it’s raining heavily…I’m sure the Lords can see my tears. 😥

IMPORTANT NOTE  Please don’t misinterpret that my Dad was the villain in the story. He was scared of losing me…losing me to death…because he had seen a Di (Vimala Di) in our neighbourhood burnt alive by her in-laws. Being a mother of 2 girls, I can feel the pain he would have undergone during those days. But with Vix by my side, I have fought a deadly disease and have come back roaring, so Acha can be rest assured that nothing will ever make him lose me. Love you lots Acha…

17-December-2002 to 17-December-2012

The Journey Began...
The Journey Began…Reception on 25th December, 2002
Thalikettu on 25th December, 2002
Thalikettu (Mangalsutra) on 25th December, 2002
My first visit to my parents place after wedding...22nd December, 2002
My first visit to my parents place after wedding…22nd December, 2002
Crazy couple we were and we are...:)
Crazy couple we were and we are…:)

The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them.

Our first outstation trip in May 2004...Nainital. :)
Our first outstation trip in May 2004…Nainital. 🙂
Jab We Met :)
Our first official trip together…Bangkok (Feb 2004) 🙂
Beginning of Happy Moments...:)
Anu’s Birth…Beginning of Happy Moments…:)
Our greatest blessings...our daughters! :)
Our greatest blessings…our daughters, Anu and Love! 🙂
Anu @ 6 months...a face that makes me want to live...My Vava! :)
Anu @ 6 months…a face that makes me want to live… 🙂

Love @ 1 year...she's the one who taught us to mix a lil foolishness with prudence :)

Love @ 1 year…she’s the one who taught us to mix a lil foolishness with prudence 🙂

@ Jyoti's Wedding
@ Jyoti’s Wedding
Manali Trip when Love was a year old.
Manali Trip when Love was 9 months old. 🙂

A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and a wonderful companion

A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and a wonderful companion

And, that's us after 10 long years of togetherness :).

And, that’s us after 10 long years of togetherness 🙂


30 Replies to “The First Milestone”

  1. Avery Happy Anniversary to one of the best couples I know. Rekha kutty u indeed have a way with words and your words bring out the right emotion from the reader.God Bless this jodi and the beautiful family with true joy for decades to come.

    1. Thanks Kunjhu! Being a parent myself, I know that…the call from Dad this morning made me feel a little happy and a little sad. If I could go back in time, I could have tried and made things much better. But then, I guess this is what was destined to have happened. I’m glad my choice wasn’t a wrong one. Rest, I leave everything to God and time. 🙂

  2. Rekha ninte e kazhivine(beautifully expressing ur emotion and feelings in words) njan eppozhum asuyayode nokarunda…I really wish u both a very very long happy married life.Life partner arayalum eviduthe ayalum namale manasilakunnathum snehikunna alayirikanam that is important…God Bless ur Family.

  3. What a beautiful post, Rekha, straight from the heart! You’ve magically woven words to express your emotions! Beautiful!

    Wish you both a very happy anniversary! Heres to many many more :). Stay happy and stay blessed 🙂

  4. Ambo! This is simply ‘AMAZING’, especially that first part. Glad to meet a courageous Keralite like ya over here. 😀 🙂 Have a good day ahead. God bless. 🙂


  5. Rekha do not know whether you remember me………Rajni Auntie…Rekha Nair…16 G ammayee …..Just wanted to tell you that your blog is good and keep it up…love and hugs..God Bless.Rajni Pillay

  6. Touchwood Rekha….beautiful story, somewhat similar to mine. Brought tears. Wish you both a very Happy Anniversary and many many more to come.

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