In every grain of sand there is the story of the Earth…

“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”
― Rachel Carson

Life is Beautiful :-)
Life is Beautiful 🙂

Sunday morning…

As usual I had set an alarm for 8 a.m. and as usual my eyes popped open, right at about 5.10 a.m., when the temple bells started ringing and the sound of the Aazaan from the nearby mosque flew into my ears. A pious feeling it is and I feel I am blessed to be able to experience it every morning. 🙂

A happy me left the blanket with the kids sleeping peacefully with their Papa and went out to spend some time with my fishy babies and Kachhu baba aka Ram Prasad. 😀

I sat there on our couch with a blanket to keep me warm and spent hours looking at the lil water kingdom for hours… 3 pairs of Parrot fishes and a pair of Silver Shark along with a Singaporean turtle. 🙂

My babies! :-)
My Parrots…my babies! 🙂

I love the Parrots for their bright Red, Yellow and Pink colors and most importantly their pout. 🙂 It’s a beautiful sight to watch them kiss 🙂 In reality, they aren’t kissing, rather they are fighting with each other. At different times, they seem to be giving various facial expressions as though talking to me. 🙂

Then my eyes went onto the sand lying at the bottom of the fish tank. A closer look and then I wandered into my dreamland. The sand granules seemed to me like humans. A lil more closely and I went onto focus on two granules…the ones that seemed to be hugging each other as if they didn’t want to part from each other. As if they were promising each other to remain together forever. They slowly took the shape of humans (or that’s what I wanted them to be ;-)), and then it was a full-fledged Bollywood movie. 😉

I wish I could give them a face each. I could have made a movie all by myself. 😀

But on a serious note, it does make me think of how the Supreme Power would be feeling when looking at us from up above the sky. We’ll be like the small tiny sand grains, performing various acts as per his commands or as he has programmed us to perform. He can put the colours he wants to put and suddenly change it to Black n White too. 😉 And how funny it would be for him to look at so many of us all performing a different play…just like millions of channels running on the same screen… 😀

They say I analyse too much...He He He :-D
They say I analyse too much…He He He 😀

Me and my thoughts….wild and weird, but I love travelling with them… 🙂

Bye for now,



5 Replies to “In every grain of sand there is the story of the Earth…”

  1. Flying into the world of a colourful dreams and diving into an absolute wild imaginations makes us what we are, Rex. For me, its my life, my reason to breath, my sanity and my only way to be ME. So if you ask me honestly, I feel I am able to talk to you as if you are sitting beside me and we are sharing all those so called ‘wild n wierd’ thoughts, whenever I get to read your blog and your comments to mine. Its an amazing feeling of having someone who feels exactly like me. So keep it going dear. 🙂

    1. True Sari! Our words are connecting us closer day by day in an undefined way. May be our stories, our thought processes are similar and that’s how we are able to connect to each other, so well. Seems like a different planet in which we are travelling together on the same path. 🙂

    1. Oh my dear lil sis, there’s no dreamland for me without you being a part of it. A small heart I have, but a lot many of you reside inside it. I know it’s a bit suffocating but my love and care will make it easier for you. 🙂

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