Maryada Purushottam: Rama or Krishna?

Was reading few of the blog posts and this thought came across…

If women should be like Sita, men should be like Ram (i.e. when he met Surpanakha)

Be a wife like Sita, wear a sari but don’t get abducted.

Lord Rama with Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman

Whenever I have debated this at home, my Mom has put me off saying, “Don’t find faults with the Gods. You’ll be punished.

Trust me it’s not about finding faults, I just want to have few things clarified from the stories I have heard.

No offences to any religion or any beliefs. This is strictly my personal view.

We Indians call Lord Rama as Maryada Purushottam. Why is he referred to as Maryada Purushottam, here goes an answer I got from Yahoo answers.

An ideal son to the parents.
An ideal husband to His wife. 
A Good brother to his young brothers. 
A Good and Ideal king to the people of His kingdom. 
A good and ideal protector of Dharma.
A Good and Ideal ruler. 
A good and ideal friend to vanaras.
An Ideal son in obeying the parents.
An example for morality.
So, Shri Rama is called Maryada purushottam Ram.

I am told he had to protect and respect the feelings of his Praja as a King, and that’s why he had to leave Sita upon his return to Ayodhya. But my question is that wasn’t it his duty to protect her and support her knowing that she was not at fault, rather than letting her bear the pain of loneliness and deliver and bring up the babies all by herself? Whenever I happen to think of it, I somehow am unable to justify his decision. May be there are things that are not known to me. But with the known facts and stories, I feel he was a good son, a good brother and a good king, but a not-so-supportive husband. Or rather, may be he himself doubted Sita. Apologies for hurting peoples’ sentiments.

In that context, Lord Krishna looks more realistic and practical to me. He has protected all as far as possible. He has done everything that man does today from romance, war, abduction, shrewdness, partiality and what not. The only disturbing element in Krishna’s story was why did Radha and He never got married. Why did he get married to Rukmani and why Radha had to marry another gwala.  And still people worship them as the perfect symbol of love. This question was answered unarguably by a very very close friend. Their love was pious, a symbol of purity, something which is way above the human notion of love.  They loved each other even while handling their respective responsibilities and understood each other’s purpose of life and thus had to make the choice of parting for the betterment of all.

Radha Sametha Krishna

With this I also feel Goddess Parvati was a more practical and real character than all other Godesses. She had jealousy, she had insecurities  like all normal wives, coz of her love for the Lord Shiva. An animated movie on Lord Ganesha showed how she created  Ganesha  out of the dirt from her body  and assigned him the task of guarding the entrance to her bathroom, coz she wanted to have some space and respect for herself and wanted to stop Lord Shiva from taking her for granted. Not sure if that’s what actually happened or not.  But, to me that story really appealed and looked real. One that treated wife as an individual and not someone to be looked down upon.

Shiva Parvati with Ganesha

I know I am going to have some real unhappy readers with this one.  But as stated above, these are merely my personal views. Just a passing thought that I felt I must share and seek your views too.

Good Day, guys!



17 Replies to “Maryada Purushottam: Rama or Krishna?”

  1. Hmm me too have the same feelings but only god can answer these questions so chill whatever he does there will be some cause behind 🙂

  2. I am left wondering with one questioni in my mind….how rukmani might have felt all these years when her rightfully wed husband’s name (krishna) was taken alongwith with radha always. Agree all about radhe krishna ‘s pure love and all….but really hats off to that lady rukmani !!! just imagine if we were in her place what would our thought process and action/reaction be. She is really a class apart with magnanimous attitude..!!!

    1. True, Prabha! Actually speaking, if we go on and read our puranas, we might end up writing another purana all-together with lots and lots of unanswered questions. 🙂

      Regarding, my reaction if I were Rukmani, I guess I don’t have to answer that…we all might have the same thing to say or rather act. 😀

  3. I have a clear view on that, atleast for myself b’coz I know that many would not agree to me. To me, I do not always treat Ram or Krishna or any other God as God. I feel and take them as historical characters just like Ashok, Chandragupta, or may be Gokhle, Azad etc. When you respect and adore someone beyond anything, you tend to make them God. You fear from them, you respect them, you can’t go against them, you can’t hear anything against them, and anything done or said by them is justified. Their flaws are also welcomed and are taken as positive.

    I can debate a lot on this, but I can leave a lot to vet for the readers (logically reasoned ones). Have you not heard of Satya Sai Baba or Sri Swaminarayan? To their followers, they are God who have incarnated on this earth, who have done miracles, who are worshiped and adored. To others they are just a character in the pages of history.

    1. Ritz, that’s exactly what I tell my mother. I am not questioning God, but I am questions his incarnations and they were all humans. 😀

      You said it. One who follows blindly doesn’t find fault or is rather scared of accepting the faults. But I guess neither of us are wrong on our parts.

      As the bible says, “Let your Beliefs Save You!”

    1. Nobody is perfect Rex….so Purush can never be uttam…for that matter any human, man or woman…Poor Gods…we are the ones who make up all sorts of stories about them…who knows whether they are true or not……I think it’s high time that we give them a break….?!!

  4. Rex, thou i m not an atheist i don really believe in naming them and seperating them to thousands of characters. I believe in one power, which def has to be thr smwr, which totally governs us and shows us d paths right and wrong so dat we chose accordingly. I have always believed in myself and learning from my mistakes. All dese characters have been written or created by some human like us but ofcourse wise ones so as to make us understand wot they believed cud be right or wrongs of life. It is quite possible to have flaws in their scripts. And i strongly believe that having faith in anything is gud unless it turns into a blind one. There are always heads n tails of everything. We need to have an open eye in order to understand both sides and living accordingly. I pray, i go to temples or be in a puja coz it gives me inner pleadure and peace but i wud never do it coz it supposed to be done or else i might not end upbhaving a gud life or fortune.
    So its a choice of an individual which character dey wud like to potray in their lifetym. My personal choice wud be krishna n durga depending on situations. 🙂

    1. Absolutely right, Saritha! I too believe in dat one supreme power n wenever feel like relating dat figure to a face, I give them d Gods n Godesses names. I pray with all my trust n believe that even d movement of my fingers r not possible without His wish. But I hav never done things for which I don’t get a logical explanation. But yes, I do things that help me get inner peace. I prefer Krishna n Parvathi in most cases. Durga scares me quite a bit with that Blood-stained mouth of the Lion on which she is seated. 🙂

  5. I guess we actually came down from a liberal democratic society to a male patriarchal society through the glorified ages. My take is that even if a son turns out to be a Ravana, a mother would still love him… then why not turn into Ravana than Rama who got sent into a forest? 🙂
    Liked the post. Intriguing one.

    1. Glad that you liked it.
      Rama was not sent to the forest by his biological parents…isn’t it?
      So, it still makes sense to be somewhere closer to Rama and far away from Ravana.
      Krishna seems to me the closest to the real human. 🙂

      1. Yeah. True. Krishna, for me, is the one who did everything humanely possible if you take the magic out of scriptures… love, duty, honor, treachery… all of it.

  6. beautiful. there are things about Rama, one that you mentioned in your post, that how can leave his wife to forest alone, just to please his janta. And second one, that how he let laxmana molest supranakha if he was maryada purshottama, he should not let laxmana molest the petty demon girl.

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