Can Love Happen Twice?

Can one ever forget their First Love?

Can Love ever vanish? 

No, No, No…not me…not again, I’m happy with my first love and would love to go to the end of the world with him and him alone. Not again…never! I know, “Never Say Never”. But I sure don’t want anything of that sort. 🙂

Neither am I talking of Ravinder Singh’s second novel, “Can Love Happen Twice?”, which could barely engage me enough to complete it. Bought it as I was highly impressed by his true story, “I too had a love story“, but this time my money went down down down the drain. 😦

This thought came up as I am now reading Vanished by Danielle Steel and am totally into the shoes of Marielle.

Marielle happens to be someone I can relate to. Her joy, her sorrow, her pain, her agony, all makes me smile, laugh, weep and cry with her. Charles was the first man she loved and they loved each other so much that they didn’t need words to understand each other and could predict each other’s action. An accident, which was a fault of neither of them, but fate, pulled them apart. But, is that accident such a big loss to make them forget each other? Will they ever be able to hate each other? Will they every be able to stop loving each other? I guess they both loved each other so much, coz they weren’t a practical couple. They were both so very aloof from the real world and I believe that’s what kept them stuck to each other till the end, even after they parted ways.

Parting, for whatever reason, is painful for all.

I believe one’ll never be able to forget the first love. I wish to believe that there’s something that holds them together till the end…even though they separate out, move on in their respective lives, however miles apart they are…they’ll still be loving each other deep down within their hearts. I may be wrong. But, I believe so. Even if you have parted ways for whatever reasons. The small small things that made you fall in love with the person will always keep them alive in your thoughts, in your heart. The way she used to hold her cup. The way he used to make faces upon having tasted something really awful. The things he used to love to eat, the way he used to sip his coffee, the way she used to deliver the to-do weekend list while hurriedly rushing out on a Friday morning…all those small little things that never mattered will keep the flame burning bright. The breeze of time might try to put it out, but the little things will keep the flame from going out. I believe even if we have new partners in our lives, many a times, we’ll be will-fully wanting to see the first person in their faces, in their words.  It’s a pity that we realize the importance of the small things only when they are not there any more.

Love ain’t meant to be practical.

Lemme now get into Marielle’s shoes again…will be back with more. Till then, share your thoughts on the following.

Can Love happen twice?

Can one ever forget their First Love?

Does love vanish between separated lovers as time passes ?

Good Night n sleep tight! 🙂



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