Marriage-Fixing Aunt turns 4

No no no, please don’t get mistaken…

It’s not a matrimonial magazine or website that I run. Nor is it any column like the ‘Agony Aunt’. 😀

It’s our lil duckling, Love… 🙂  Time flies….she turns 4 today. 🙂

I prefer to call her Marriage-Fixing Aunt, coz of the following episodes:

  1. She was just 8 weeks in my womb that she got her Bua’s marriage fixed.
  2. Just 25 weeks and she got Anu’s Lakshmi (Devayani) Didi married.
  3. At 30 weeks she got her Maasi’s marriage fixed.
  4. Born and just 1 month old when she got her Chachu’s marriage fixed.
  5. A year old when she got her Lakshmi Didi married.
  6. Just 2 weeks back her Meenakshi Di got married.
  7. And now finally, Prema Di, who joined us this July, is getting married sometime soon.

Any unmarried person, who happened to have met her, had gotten married within a short span of time.

Toh, hai na yeh hamari chhoti si

Marriage-Fixing Aunt. 😀

A co-passenger in Renu Maasi’s journey from engagement thru marriage…..she’s Maasi’s bestest friend and secret holder as she used to spend the entire nights for the first 3 months with Maasi and used to chat with Aji Mamu all thru the night while Mamma used to sleep peacefully with her dislocated tail bone… 🙂

I still remember the ‘Thaali maar’ when I used to reach home in the evening and offered her my hand…. The non-stop ‘Naanu Naanu Naanu…’ with much excitement upon seeing her Grandpa. The ‘Dimaar ho jaogi’. She meant ‘Bimaar’ (Sick). Picking up the phone and a long ‘Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllooooooooooo….’   🙂

A parcel from heaven that was supposed to be delivered to us on the 21st of November, 2008….the restless fluttering butterfly inside couldn’t wait for that long and landed pretty early on the evening of 20th of October, 2008, just a day after her Maasi’s engagement.

She’s been a chirpy, bubbly, naughty lil soul since birth and Mamma prays to the Lord, to keep all evil souls away from her. May all your troubles be mine. May all your tears be mine and may all the good happy days I have, be yours. God Bless you, my lil darling!

Happy Birthday to my little Love! Muuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Birthday, Unni! 🙂

You have made life colorful for all of us…ThanQ, as always, Dil Se! 🙂

Love you lots,

Papa, Mamma & Anu Didi


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