Hold on, Baby!

“Having children makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist.”
– Michael Levine

Yes, you can’t scare me! 😀

This Friday, when I reached home in the evening, Anu came up running to me. Kissed me on my cheeks and handed over two of her unit test papers. “Wow, very good baby!”, “You are the best”….etc., etc., done.

Then she brings me a glass of water and makes a strange sad expression. To which, I query her, “What happened, baby?”

She quietly went to where her school bag was, and comes back and places her fee slips in my palms and says, “You have to pay the fees.” 

I replied, “No, problem, bachha.”

Then she again disappears to appear back in few minutes and this time again she keeps another set of fee receipts and says, “Now, you have to pay fees for two of us, naa…”.

She then sits down and adds up both the figures.

Oh, when did my poor little thing grow up so much…. 😦

She’s just gonna be 7 in next Feb and I can see she has the maturity of a 10 year old. She ensures that her and her sister’s bags are ready for the next day with the extra set of clothes and slippers to change into. She makes sure her lil sis has completed her homework before I reach home. She gets me my medicines without fail. She reminds me little things I tend to forget.

I am not sure if it’s for good or bad, but I can see that her childhood is fading away fast.

Feel like telling her,

“Hold on, Baby! There’s no hurry to grow up…”

Anu sure will get to know that there’s something wrong if she sees me sitting comfortably….:-)

Another thing that is worrying me is that all this care and maturity of Anu is being taken for granted by lil Love.

She makes Anu do small little things, which irritate me. She does it so tactfully that Anu doesn’t refuse at all.

“Di, yeh plate kitchen mein rakh do…”

“Di, bring me a glass of water…”

“Di, get me my colours…”

Don’t get mistaken. This ‘Di’ reference  comes only when she has to get her tasks done. Otherwise, its always, “Anuuuuuuuu…”


At about 4, she has such perfection in the art of delegation. Definitely Dad’s daughter. 🙂

Don’t think that Anu is that perfect sis anybody would want. She has her share of cunningness and shrewdness. She doesn’t share her colours, story books, toys with lil Love. She’ll only give you selected information about what happened in her school. Only the good part and a lil of the not so good episodes. But she ensures to keep the bad part (like a test bout which teacher has not made her write in diary or a note about her untidy handwriting) to herself. Something that I and my sis still do… 🙂

But then I guess, it’s better to leave somethings to time. They’ll grow up together with all this by themselves with time…Right???

I shouldn’t get involved unnecessarily and complicate things for them…Isn’t it?

So, I choose to sit by the side and watch them grow through their small fights, differences and sometimes care. 🙂


7 Replies to “Hold on, Baby!”

  1. Firstly give a tight hug to Anu from me..she is such a sweetheart, c’mon anybody would love to have her for a sis! :).And a big squeeze to the li’l imp Love too..she is a real cutie :)!

    You’ve said it already in the post, Rekha…this is just a phase, that they both will grow out of. They are doing fine, absolutely fine! Just watch them grow and live the moment to the fullest!

    Hugs! 🙂

    1. Thanks Deepu Di! 🙂
      Anu says, “Thank You!” 🙂

      Just one help I need, please lemme know how to make the lil one want to go to school. It’s such a tedious task to make her get ready and go to school. Every morning I have a tough time with her. In my hurry to reach my workplace, I am unable to pamper her as much as I guess I should. Tears and scolding each morning are making me go insane. Please help. 😦

  2. Hi Rekha,

    You should leave both sisters as they are. I believe you will have a good laugh once this time passes away. Both sisters will be turn into inseparable mode once they will grow just a bit older and yes, Anu, being elder, will behave this way ( from my experience). 🙂

    Btw, i wd also like to know how u handle 3-4 year old to his/her school, keep sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Saurabh, very true. It’s actually better to leave most of the task of growing up to the kids themselves. Yes, occasional reminders that, “Hey, I’m watching.” is all they need. 🙂

      Don’t ask me bout sending my lil one to school. Wait for my next post…it’s a mammoth task I tell you. 😦

  3. Oh.. such a cutie pie they both are.. please share their pics sometime…and convey my love to both.. ❤ 🙂
    I'm not too old to preach you but leave them, let them grow as they are destined to… :):) that's the best way to let them grow… 🙂 these lil fights, love reminded me of my lil sis.. 🙂

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