Don’t Chase us, instead Protect us

What sin have I done? I breathe in the same air as you do…

As usual, I was waiting for my cab this morning at NH-24.

Seated on the pavement was a girl, shabbily clad, visibly in her teens. By her side was a bundle of rags. Her physical appearance tells me she would be some 5-6 months pregnant. She didn’t seem to be sane as she was talking to herself and to someone looking up, probably to GOD.

Within the 10-12 minutes that she was there, I saw at least 6-7 men circling around her and using abusive language. The sad part is that one of them was a police constable. I wanted to help her, but could not do much apart from going and sitting closer to her. That made the guys move away. In a short while, she too picked up herself and her bundle of rags and slowly disappeared.

I was just thinking what the difference between us was.

Just that by God’s grace I was born into a family, which has educated me enough and has made me self-independent. I have a family, which has not disowned me probably coz I am still a lil bit far from being insane. What if I too did not have all this? I might have been in a similar condition…May be… 😦

Feel sorry and shameful about those men…I didn’t see any pain in their eyes for her. No sympathy. They were just having fun, a kind of joy.

Why is it that girls always have to face such situations?

With this came back the thought of the guy who chased me for about a year during my initial days at work…the year 2002. He used to chase me morning and evening. Right from when I left my home in the morning till I reached back home. He used to visit our stall daily at the World Book Fair. He used to chase me to the temple. He was always there in my chartered bus, sometimes sitting right next to me. I have no clue why I never told this to anyone at home then. I remember once or so, when he was chasing me when I was with Renu, I casually told her about it. I didn’t want to scare her too. He made my life so scary for that one whole year. I finally confronted him in front of the Hanuman temple at Connaught Place, after almost a year and told him to stay away. That was it. He was never seen after that. Why didn’t I have the guts to do that in the beginning itself…? It was so simple. 😦

I believe we should teach our daughters not to be scared of anything or anybody. Instead we must make them bold enough to handle such situations maturely. Also, we must teach our sons to have respect for the opposite sex and provide them with the protection that every girl seeks and not have fun by mentally harassing her.

Good night and sweet dreams,

I am off to my dreamland where there’s no such situation for anyone, only peace. Wish we have such a land for all soon.




8 Replies to “Don’t Chase us, instead Protect us”

  1. You were awesome to have sat down close to her. I also can’t understand the heartlessness that such men display, the police seem to be equally bad… the Tehelka sting was no surprise to most of us 😦

    That stalker could have harmed you – I think you took so long to tell him to stop following you around because it took that long for you to gain that much confidence… so many women are attacked by stalkers it’s only natural to be afraid to confront them.

    1. Thanks for writing in. 🙂

      Yes. I could not confront him earlier for a number of fears that were juggling in my mind. There were recent episodes of acid attacks, kidnapping, gang-rapes and what not. But, I guess that was a turning point and I gained enough courage and maturity to tackle such people post that one episode. At least, I wasn’t as scared.

  2. Rex..
    while I agree with your thought completely that girls should be made bold enough.. reading those lines i also feel its also our responsibility to wake fellow human beings and make them realize their moral responsibilities !!

    1. I completely agree to that, but the irony is, most of the fellow human beings simply shut their eyes to any such situation and would rather be interested in accusing the victim for her moral character. I really feel pity for myself and all other females in this country. If we don’t stand for ourselves, we’ll just vanish and no one would notice beyond may be a few sensational headlines.

      1. choice is ours Rex..
        we can teach .. our girls self defense or take the initiative and onus on ourselves to promote moral preaching in our societies and slums and around our cities ..
        we need to turn zombies to human more than arranging for bullets and guns to kill them ..
        well its easier said than done .. i know .. killing is yet easy coz zombies are expected not to think ..

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