A peep into my dreamland…

In the lap of Mother Nature

Do you ever get strange dreams like falling from a cliff or your hand loosing hold from something that you were holding onto tightly? Or like you are walking with someone on a long stretch and then suddenly you find yourself all alone in the midst of nowhere? Or like someone’s whispering something into your ears and when you open your eyes you find there’s no one in the vicinity?

I get so many of them.

Sometimes they are so fresh and vivid that they appear to have happened in reality. At times you get goose bumps, or you are completely drenched in sweat, or you find yourself smiling for no reason. Don’t you? 😀

There are certain dreams that make us interpret problems that we face in our day to day life. In real life it seems extremely impossible to find a solution to those problems. But in our dreams we get the answers. Many a times, perfect solutions.

Scientists say our dreams are connected characteristically and emotionally with the series of events that have happened or are happening in our past and present lives.

Sigmund Reud believed that a dream is a window to our unconscious thoughts. I prefer to believe that a dream is our way of travelling into that space where we wish to be…far away from the reality of life…from the complication of society. A land where we build a cozy little nest that suits our requirements and which is just what we want. There’s nothing there that makes us uncomfortable. Everything’s just so simple, satisfying and perfect.

I have such a nest and every now and then I travel miles through my thoughts just to be there. 🙂

There are lots of colors there…Yellow, Green, Orange, Sky Blue, Pink, Purple, Red and White…but no Black (though Black is the color I like most for my wardrobe). There are trees, a temple, a waterfall, mountains, beautiful cloudy sky and a horizon. There are no people…only birds, rabbits and fishes. It often rains there. And I dance along with the Peacocks. There are no unhappy incidents there. Nobody to dictate how life should go on. No confusion. No frustration. Only Peace. An absolutely no nonsense space. 🙂

Sky is not the limit…

So, here’s wishing you a very good night…and may you too be able to build a nest of your choice in your dreamland.

Sweet Dreams, 🙂



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