Bidding Adieu to Someone Special

February 25th, 2003 – The eve you entered our life, just two months after our marriage. We had just moved into our rented accomodation in Paschim Vihar, Delhi. You were a thoughful gift from a bunch of wonderful people.

A friend, a confidante you were to us.

I remember the various lonely nights I spent in your arms during Vix’s touring days. 😉

The dark nights I used to spend crying on your shoulders for various stupid and valid reasons. 😦

You were there to support me during our fights and decision to sleep outside the bedroom. It feels funny now. ;-P

The laughters while watching movies. The cuddling together on winter eves. You have always been there with your arms wide open welcoming us back home. Thr tiredness of a long day at work used to vanish once we were with you 🙂

I still remember having spend half of my pregnancies with you and wondering:

– How my kids will look like?

– Will they go on me or Vix?

– Will it be a He or a She?

– How will I potty train them?

Then came Ananya, who’s spend half her life in your arms watching cartoons, movies (her favourite being My Friend Ganesha) and sleeping peacefully. You were there during her study hours too. She would have been the best companion for you, coz she was quiet and introvert just like you. 🙂

And finally arrived Lavanya, who’s jumped on you, kicked you several times with her tiny legs and gave you different kinds of facials (the notable ones being, sambhar facial, dal facial and milk facial). The kind of nutty naughty girl she is, anyone would have lost patience, but for you. You have quietly handled all her tantrums and her mischiefs. A big Thank You! 😀

We moved places, our lifestyle changed but you were always the same warm, friendly soul you were. We had our mood swings, but you were always the same calm, queit piece. I envy you for this. 😐

Now after almost 10 years, with you always by our side, life seems incomplete without you. I am really sorry for the pain I gave you when I broke one of your ribs recently when we moved into our new home. With two of your ribs now injured beyond recovery, it’ll be difficult for you to be with us. 😦

It was really painful to see them (the carpenters) pick you up and drag you out of the house. 😦

A big sorry from all of us for discarding you for our selfish interests after 10 long years of selfless service. Dear Sofa (couch), here’s bidding you good bye…thanks for all the wonderful moments we spent together.


We are awaiting your replacement who’s due to arrive this weekend. Hope he/she happens to be as good as you.

With a heavy heart,

Dhyanis 😦


3 Replies to “Bidding Adieu to Someone Special”

  1. Nice one….. my dad and mom just forcefully dragged my friend, confidante away from me and was made to rest in pieces….. yes it has travelled with me from the day one I was born…. and its with us for the past 40 years……. and its again my dear sofa…..I never had guts to see it off…. hence its final journey was done in my absence …. at times such feelings are natural…. 🙂 well articulated post. Congrads.

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