Rancho left me wondering…

May 13, 2012

Today’s episode of SatyaMeva Jayate on Child Abuse was really shocking and left me wondering

“Are our kids safe?”

I am in no mood to talk or discuss about anything else from the episode, but the only good thing that I noticed during the workshop for children.

Almost all the kids had only one person in their mind as their BodyGuard,

“Papa” or “Daddy”

It was really good to see that our younger generation is not as scared of their Dads as we were. They are much friendlier and open with their Dads than their Moms.

Another disturbing thought that came to my mind was that is this because of the decision of the Moms to move out of the house and lend a helping hand to their Dads. Has this decision not made the Moms inaccessible to the kids because of their stressful routine? May be this is something for us to ponder upon.

Housewife to Working Mom.

Was it a wise decision?

Do let me know your views.

Bye for now,



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