Voice of India: Will Rancho Succeed?

Sunday, May 6, 2012. How was your day? Had Fun? Did you hook yourself to the Idiot Box at 11.00 a.m.? Or watched the Super Moon?

Due to shifting process, we couldn’t watch the 1st episode of Aamir Khan’s much-awaited talk show, Satya Meva Jayate. But, I was surprised to learn from friends and family about the first show that was aired and talked about Female Foeticide in India. People were all praises for the way Aamir had modulated the conversation with people from different segments of the society and made an impact on the viewers. Will need to watch the next episode to comment more on the presentation skills of Rancho…

Female Foeticide, a topic each one of us is very well aware of, but needed Aamir to bring it out from below the dumped piles of pages resident in our memory.

When will India grow? I was surprised to hear that it is not the poor of the nation who’re keen on having a boy to a girl. Sex identification and MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) is more evidently used by the rich and the upper middle-class families for deciding the fate of the foetus, who’s not even aware of why it is being subjected to this injustice. Has Education not done any good to these ruthless souls?

If a family of doctors, professors and principals can stoop down to this level, what can be expected of others? I feel the uneducated lot is still much more considerate towards girl child than others. Medical practitioners, who support this act, would definitely be monsters and not humans. I feel ashamed to see that it is the females only who’re resorting to this merciless killing. They gotta be really remorseless and cruel to do this.

I hope Aamir’s show helps the People of India to wake up and stand against such heinous activities.

A big thank you to my parents for having accepted me and my sister and doing nothing less for us coz we are girls. Our family anyway has a majority of girls, 13 girls to 2 boys.

I would also like to thank Vikesh, my life-support system, who has gracefully accepted my two daughters and loves them so deeply. Without his support, it would have actually been tough for me to avoid the piercing looks and words from family members who were extremely upset about me having only daughters.

For all the unborn daughters of India, my prayers.



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