Do These Sound Familiar?


Watchman tapping the bamboo stick at midnight… scary and black.

Song of Crickets & Frogs flowing in through the darkness… even more scary and deep black.

Loud snoring of spouse… disgust and blue (feel like kicking, right???) 😀

Dawn Breaks…Thank God 🙂

Bells ringing in Temple to ward off all evils…“Can someone ring it in my hubby’s ears?” Raudram and Red. 😦

Morning Call to Prayer from the Mosque…“Get up man!” 😛

Yesudas/Unni Menon devotional songs running in the background… Sringaram and light green “Only music makes me stick around” 🙂 

The cuckoo clock striking 6 in the morning… First gear! Red Again! 😐

Rattling noise when motor gets switched on…“Hate it!” Deep Red! 😐

Raindrops falling on the window shade… “Life is still beautiful!” Light Green! 🙂

The Call Centre cab screeching to a halt… Panick starts. 😦

A new-born crying out of discomfort or seeking milk… Sympathy and Grey 😦

Sound of colliding utensils from the kitchen… Disgust 😐

Tripping droplets from the shower… Happy and Peace 🙂

Continuous chirping of roosting birds…Wonderful and amazing. Yellow! 🙂

Running water in the nearby water-treatment plant… Grey.

Never tried to analyze them one-by-one…right??? That’s Me! 🙂

The footsteps of neighbourhood uncle upon his return from morning walk…

Leaves blowing through the Light Breeze… Love and again Light Green.

Door bell rung by the domestic help…

The trotting sound of the train leaving the close-by railway station…

Train-induced vibration of the Metro tracks…

Anklets Bells of Ananya ringing… “Yeah, my Baby girl is still fast asleep.” 🙂

Instumental Bollywood song when the mobile phone rings… Like it? Depends.

The newspaper falling ‘Thud’ on the balcony floor… “One of the co-wives of Hubby Dear” 😦

My Love typing on the laptop keyboard… “One of the few inventions that I wish didn’t happen.”

Sound of the kitchen aid Juicer Mixer Grinder… “Bhookh ke liye saala kuch bhi sunega! 🙂

The click sound when the UPS tried to stabilize the voltage…

The noisy “Jigger Valve” sound of the Pressure Cooker… “Look Love would have vanished in sleep itself.” 🙂

The “Shhhhhh” sound when the Dosa is being cooked on both sides… “Hungry Kya?” 🙂

The sound of door opening and creaking… Irritating and Scary at times

The tinkling sound of the cycle-rickshaw bell…

And finally, I can hear my Heartbeat… “Oh No,  No! It’s not Love!” 🙂

It’s a New Morning…with New Sunshine…New Hopes… 🙂


5 Replies to “Do These Sound Familiar?”

  1. Loved all the imagery in your words. And loved the photo of the bike against the rising sun. Beautiful.
    Penny (dropping in from UBC)

  2. Lovely lovely post chronicling all the sounds of the morning coupling them with the colors and the inherent feelings associated with each of them. Almost like a walk down my own mornings 😀

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