The Day I was Reborn…

7th February…

The most important day in our lives…

Vix and I got married after having known each other for over 3 years.

I have a friend list that can run into pages…but after my parents, and my lil sis,Vix is the only person on earth, who understands me so well. He’s been with me through the thick and thin of the journey called Life.

After a year and a half of our marriage, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, a completely destroyed ovary, two ovarian cysts and two completely blocked fallopian tubes.

Endometriosis is a female health disorder that occurs when cells from the lining of the womb (uterus) grow in other areas of the body. This can lead to pain, irregular bleeding, and infertility.

I underwent a surgery in June, 2004. Life was tough for the next two years, with my continuous medications, societal questioning and self-accusation leading to occassional bouts of depression. But with Vix and my family by my side, I could get on with it. Depressed to the core, I was.

And then my prayers were answered.

Wishes to Heaven

Thanks to my gynae, Ms. Kamal Buckshee (a 65+;  I envy her for the warm and wonderful person she is, the way she carries herself and for her positive attitude), I shared the good news with my family and friends in June 2005.

September, 2005…

A sweet little butterfly often made me feel its presence by fluttering its wings in my womb. It was like my shadow, which used to be with me all the while. (The difference was this one didn’t disappear at sunset, rather was more active post sunset).

October 2005…

Oh, I just cherish the moment when you kicked me the very first time. A feeling no Mom can explain well enough. I used to talk to you all the time. I used to write to you regularly. My every breath knew your presence and wanted to protect you with all I had.

January 2006…

You were just weeks away from being there in my arms. Kicking, turning and punching hard all the time. Though a bit painful it was, I was loving it all. There are few things in the world as exciting as feeling your baby move inside your belly.

6th February 2006…

Your Dad had a travel assignment, he couldn’t cancel. But we were fine, coz you were to come on Valentine’s Day only. Dad left on the wee hours of 6th Feb to return on 13th Feb.

7th February, 2006…

Restless like you are even now, you couldn’t wait for long.

Yes, I was Reborn on the 7th of February, 2006 as a Mother. You put life back into me and after a long long time. I learned to live again, enjoy life and have fun.

Ananya @ Day 7

There your were, a cute little bundle with curious eyes wide open, looking at all the docs, nurses, and pediatricians in the labour ward and finally started crying after you were able to locate me. My happiness then knew no bounds. Even today, I cherish every moment of that journey called Pregnancy.

Anu @ 6 months

A wonderful birthday to my baby girl Ananya, who’s turning 6 tomorrow.

This is to tell you once again…I Love You, my angel. 🙂

Yours lovingly,




23 Replies to “The Day I was Reborn…”

  1. awwwww…thats so touching…
    happy b’day Ananya baby….may you give many cherishable moments to ur mum n dad….god bless bachha.

  2. 14th june the exact date when you confirmed us her arrival inside you. I still remember I was with Pappa in his office to attent the interview in Kotak Mahindra and I had informed the most awaited news to pappa. God bless my lill jerry mouse with all happiness and success in life and god bless her for giving me you back :)))))))))))))))))))

  3. Wonderful post, Rekha… I am sure Ananya would love to read this when she grows up… A fantastic and super-duper birthday wishes to the doll and the budding star… 🙂

  4. Hey Rekha…This is very touching…I love this. God Bless you and your sweet lil angel:)…She is lucky to have you as a Mom!…


  5. There’s a lot I didn’t know………well written. Glad it all turned out so well. Here’s wishing a very Happy Birthday to Ananya…….with many more happier ones to follow……..

  6. Happy Birthday to the lil girl… well its only a month away now 😛 so I should probably wish it in advance 🙂 Loved your post…

    but hey doesnt it mean you have nto blogged since almost a year ?!

    1. Thanks! 🙂
      No, no…this one’s one of my initial posts, actually my second post. I love it immensely and hence it is made a sticky post. 🙂
      Yupp! The angel will turn 7 exactly on the next 7th. 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on Dew Drops and commented:

    This happens to be the second ever post on Dew Drops. And that means this February also happens to be the 2nd birthday of Dew Drops. It’s indeed my third baby. 🙂

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