Simplify your life…

Where are we heading?

Who’s responsible for all that is happening around us?

Technological advances coupled with high corporate expectations, have definitely improved our standard of living. But it has also brought in lots of perks with it. Like:

– High stress levels

– Lower energy levels

– Lack of display of emotions

– Feeling of isolation, neglect and uncared for

All this is bringing out the beast in us. Don’t you agree?

Wasn’t it beastial behavior that has brought the 2-year kid onto the AIIMS bed?

What was her sin? What wrong can a 2-year old do to anybody to have deserved such a punishment?

Do you think Falak should recover? I don’t think so.

If she recovers completely, with all her organs working properly, wudn’t she be struggling all her life with the memories of whatever has happened to her? If she recovers partially, won’t similar beasts pray upon her?

I guess these are some of the reasons, why people still don’t want a girl child to be born.

Sorry…I was born to a mother in the International Year of the Girl Child, 1979. I am a mother to two young girls. And I don’t think girls are any inferior to anyone. It’s only the bringing up that matters. No way, I am not talking about bringing up the girl child. That is definitely there. But, I believe these mishaps can only be avoided if we educate our boys since childhood. Every boy should learn to respect a girl for what she is. Comparisons should be constructive and not destructive. Can we do this?

Yes, we can.

Only by simplifying our lives. By spending more time with our kids (boys as well as girls). Spending time does not necessarily mean your physical presence. My mother used to be physically available to me at all time during my childhood and adolescence. But, it was my Dad who used to respond to all my stupid as well as valid queries thru letters. I could see my Dad in each alphabet in those letters. I could understand the real sense of what he meant thru those letters. So, I believe it is good to write to your kids once in a while. Be one amongst them whenever possible.

Penning down is easier, but it takes a lot of patience to actually implement all this. But, we should start somewhere…right??? I want a better, safer world for my kids…so, I am gonna act on this. Will you?


10 Replies to “Simplify your life…”

  1. Made for a good and thought provoking read.
    Bearing children is easy Bringing them up is the hardest part without affecting free will but I am guessing it is do able.
    Good start.

  2. Good one Rekha, very thought provoking!
    A large number of parents today do not know how properly to bring up children. The misguided parenting not only spoils the future of a child but the nation as a whole. This blog can be an eye opener for some of such parents….God bless.

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